Hello, I can no longer register for the C races. What for

Hi Jean-Eric,

It is because the race you are trying to enter uses Category Enforcement, which looks at all of your activities in the last 60 days and believes that you are a B racer.

You did 3.23w/kg for 20 minutes in your last event which would put you in B for these events.

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So for 60 days I can no longer run in C while I am a C runner ?

You’re not cat C, you are cat B

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Average 3.02 w/kg

CE uses your best, not your average. Non CE races use an average

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Your category on ZwiftPower is not your category for CE. It’s confusing, but they are unrelated.

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No, CE ftp…

Not sure what you’re saying “no” to. As you’ve excerpted – “We take a historical look at your maximum values for…”. Not average values

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Some races, but not that many relatively speaking, still use the Zwiftpower category system which use instead of the newish (since mid Feb) Category Enforcement system.

There might be a tag you can select at Events to just show races using the old Zwiftpower system.

Alternatively, try racing as a CE “B,” perhaps in a short race, such as the four short races in an hour called Zwift Insider Tiny Races that run on Saturdays. The next hour of “type 2” fun starts at 2100 BST with ZwiftPower - Login

I don’t think you can select non-category enforcements but this post explains how to identify CE vs non-CE races

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When will +5% Treshold for CP kick in?
It might save you some time with so many complaints on the horizon :see_no_evil:

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Hoping to do it next week.