Wrong Category Enforcement

Hi everyone.

I only have access to A races for Category Enforcement Races. This is due to me riding a Tour De Zwift ride at the wrong weight because I failed to notice my wife had changed the weight.

I’m a C Category Racer.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

It wont be the TdZ - those events were back in Feb and CE only looks back last 60 days (your weight has had the higher weight since Feb 9).

CE takes into account all your rides so it will be an effort (or more) in the past 60 days. Your events are marked private so I can help with which rides contributed.

Check out the thread below for how CE works, in particular the referenced doc in the OP:

BTW, if something else has gone wrong (going from dumb to smart trainer for eg), zwiftpower@zwift.com will help (provide details of your Zwift username/ZP ID etc when doing so.

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I’ve checked ZwiftPower and since the said race where I raced at 64kg with a 4.4wkg my highest at 90kg is 3.5wkg over a sprint race for 8 mins. My next highest at 90kg was 2.9wkg over 40 mins.

The force enforcement to only A makes no sense.

Your Zwiftpower stats arent finalised due to your events being private, so the stats showing are fairly irrelevant as they arent accurate, so its not possible to tell if events in the past 60 days have tipped you over or not. For that matter, I cant see your non-events rides which can also put you over (I tend to go balls out up AdZ and those efforts have always been the cause of an FTP increase for me.

Suggest you hit up the email address I mentioned as they will be able to confirm your current CE CP rating (or MAP) which will be why CE says you are A.

@JamesBailey may also be able to shortcut this

CE takes into account all activities, so not just races. A single above-cat effort in the last 60 days will promote you.

Unfortunately there’s no way to correct an erroneous performance for CE (e.g. incorrect weight, trainer error), though Zwift are working on that.

In the last week or so, the CE starting pen for a rider with insufficient power data from the last rolling 60 days from any Zwift activity should have changed from A to E.

Just a thought, do all CE races now have an E pen specifically for these riders that men and women can join, or are there instances where all “new” racers end up in A because E doesn’t exist, or where “new” men racers end up in A because the E pen has been set aside for women such as ZwiftPower - Login ?

Think you are right Steve but Scott has plenty of data that will be picked up for the last 60 days so he should have been correctly allocated to a CE based Cat (assuming no bugs). I’d really like to see his full data set though to see what his real power curve looks like.

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How do I share all my data?

I think I just made my activities public. You’ll see laps of Tempus Fugit on free ride which is the Mrs cruising at her proper weight. Everything else I change the weight back to my profile weight.

That’s likely to cause you issues with CE - Simple rule, don’t share an account going forward.

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it will be her rides that have forced to into A then

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This is bringing up a concern Zwift should have. While the CE stuff is well socialized on these forums, has it been more broadly mentioned to the overall subscriber base – specifically how it works and that any single activity could be the basis for each person’s assignment?

It used to be a more casual attitude that there was nothing wrong with futzing with zwift weights to help make group rides (or PPs) easier or harder to follow. Maybe there has to be thought to putting in a warning pop-up message any time a rider changes their weight or height?

Normally the point for something being live and out of testing is when it gets to 50%+1 of the user base using it. I.e. there are more people on the new than the old.

But, this is zwift - No formal comms, no formal
launch - but over half of the races are using it whilst still in testing.

Sometimes this happens and things move rapidly and a project is playing catch - but this is zwift, it’s not moved rapidly, almost glacially and they haven’t met the admin side of the launch.

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This is probably what is pushing you to A. Zwift use the power curve from your account no matter who ride. See Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]?

not really a suitable response cos there’s probably tonnes of users that share accounts within their household due to high subscription cost! (esp. in “cost of living crisis”)

no idea why it’s taking data from non-event/race rides cos that seems like a big “miss”.

if you’re saying i can’t share my trainer with anyone else who wants to try it without screwing up my race category that’s not gonna fly.

Probably not the thread for it… but when you signed up to use zwift, you agreed to their T&Cs, that means don’t share you account with someone.

No one is stopping you sharing your trainer, but it’s entirely fair for zwift to apply a user policy to its software.

And yes, using data from all rides is likely to be the better way forward for CE (even if im not fully on board with it for other reasons)


No you are not allowed to share your account.

If someone wants to try Zwift create a free account it takes a minute to do.

I would imagine that your wife riding around at her real wt would not move your cat up.
If you forget to change the wt, then your going to have to ride cat A for 2 months.
This is on you.
You should have noticed you were flying around much faster than usual and the W/ KG indicator by your name was showing a power that wasn’t real for you.
Just keep racing and try to be the A guy that rides with the C group.
I’m currently the B guy riding with the C’s.
It’s kind of fun because now when I’m with the C’s, they’re not trying to drop me!

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Your profile appears to be private still so I am unable to look to see if any of your non ZwiftPower rides takes you over C category.

I can’t see anything in your ZwiftPower profile which suggests you are anything above C category. ***1

I have seen the replies of others and my understanding of CE category calculation may be slightly different from theirs. I don’t believe that any of the riding your wife has done affects your CE calculation UNLESS she is putting out more actual watts than you. As far as I am aware CE calculation is based on CP and MAP using best watts over 60 days then divided by your current weight - IMO it is not based on best W/kg produced in past 60 days to calculate CP or MAP.

As such, bearing in mind I can not see your non ZP rides, I don’t think you are a Cat A or even a Cat B. I recommend you send the email suggested by Dean.

***1 I have just read Dean’s comment re ZwiftPower figures not being accurate as they are not finalised - I’m not that confident but feel that when figures are finalised they rarely seem to change the 20 min and 5 minute figures by much, mostly it is in the short time duration efforts which change.

QUESTION to anyone - Does anyone know whether changing your Profile to Public then gets your ZP results finalised retrospectively?

I am interested to hear how your enquiries to Zwift go and whether anything changes for you.

Also if by any chance you are told that you have exceeded the MAP limit for your 331 watts on 21st March I would be keen to know. ( can’t possibly believe this figure would put you in Cat A but possibly B)

Sticky used to re-run the results back in the non-Zwift ownership days but Zwift doesn’t seem to do that.

I suspect the guilty ride will be a free ride that he has done using his wife’s weight. BTW, agree with your comment re non-finalised results hence the “fairly irrelevant” comment :wink:

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