Can not join category enforced race

Hi, I am fairly new to the Zwift rides and racing. I am category D yet I am unable to join the Crit Club race today for category D. Any idea why and what I need to do?

If you haven’t done a ride in the game in the last 60 days, do any ride over 2km and you should be recognized by category enforcement. A 20 minute FTP test is a good way to establish your category enforcement values.

I just did one ride last night. Have been riding for at least 6 months now.

What do you see on under FITNESS? Does it say category D?

What Paul asked… and/or can you enter “E” or any other category?

It says Category C as a suggested and Category D for women category

I can not enter "E’ either only C B and A

That means you can enter C or higher in mixed races and D or higher in women only races. That seems a little odd to me but I’m not familiar with how the womens categories are defined. I would have expected the womens category to be at least the same or higher than the mixed category.


@Paul_Southworth I agree that this seems odd, and backwards. For example, I’m category enforced to C for mixed and B for women’s, which is in-line with what I’ve usually seen for female-designated riders.


@James_Zwift can you explain why a woman would have a higher category for mixed events than in women-only events? That seems like it should be impossible.

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Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Possibly the zMAP element ?

Greater than or equal 3.5 W/kg to be in women only cat C
Greater than or equal 3.3 W/kg to be in mixed cat C

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Is your first ride of the day on 29th March yours? The power numbers on your Activity just don’t look right compared with all your other riding.

I did the following ride on the 29th of March.

It looks like someone else may have used your account earlier in the day on 29th March. Also, your power numbers for the workout you did on 29th March look odd.

ETA Your workout power numbers remained odd until the ride on 17th April where they look fine. I’m guessing something was reset. I expect your rides from 29th March to 14th April are responsible for the weird categorisation.

This doesn’t sound like a category enforced event.

Someone send me a link and I’ll look.

Hi @James_Zwift I tried attaching a link but a message comes up saying I can not have links in my messages. The event is called Crit Club - Downtown Dolphin.



You might want to look at her Fitness Metrics and see what takes her to Mixed Cat C.

Two rides on 29th March shown below and the first one of the day produces some very good power numbers during the 2 minute on 30 second off intervals. (In workouts Rosie is normally in zone 5 at just 115-135w) This might have raised her zMAP. Over 3.3W/kg ?

@Ian_Attoe and @James_Zwift that is a one off weird one. There are no others like that.