ZP cat C almost B

My cat on Zwift Power shown ‘cat C almost B’ yet when I try enter the next makuri race I can no longer cat C as cat enforced. Surely cat C almost B means I should be entitled to enter C?

Most races don’t use Zwiftpower category allocation any longer, “Category Enforcement” began trials back in Feb and is now used for an awful lot of races/TTs.

its a zwift category enforced race, this does not use ZP data but your entire 60 days of ride data that zwift have

you have breached either the CP curve or VO2max limits and are bumped into the B cat from now on

Congrats on your upgrade

Thanks… I’ll
Just have to suck it up then and battle to avoid the cat B lantern rouge!

Well done on your CE upgrade to cat B.

I say this almost every time I can but:

Yes you now do have to race Cat B in Category Enforcement (CE) races. At least for 60 days but I suspect you will continue to get stronger through this Winter and stay there. You know what to expect from B racing from your time there last year.

You are still a Cat C on ZwiftPower so you can still race Cat C in those races not governed by CE. Not so many available these days and you probably won’t remain ZP cat C for more than a race or two.

Use ZwiftHacks or ZwiftPower search facilities to look for TFC and SZR races with the word LOW in them. This will allow you to race against the bottom half of cat B, hopefully making it a bit easier to compete against other Bs.

Thanks that all makes sense now :sob:

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Congratulations Gary :wink:! I got promoted today as well after a short and spicy race on Insbruckring (1 lap) with C+. Good news is that I have reached a new max 5min power and crossed 4.2w/kg. I bet there were ~10 others who got promoted as well as their 5min max was even higher than mine :joy:.

That is probably a weak spot of CE system for whoever is at the border of two categories. Looking forward to racing B-riders under CE now but need to be careful since it is much harder and last time it got me injured :relaxed:.

Same situation here after Race 2 of Makuri - Cat C Almost B. This is really annoying. I am aware that I have done 2 really good C races in Makuri, putting me high up in the GC. But, I have also prepared well for both races - riding the stages in practise as well as being well rested.

This basically means the Race Makuri is over as I am not able to enter cat C for race 3. Too bad :frowning:

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This is my plague as well
I’m gonna try starting with B & ride hard tempo until the Cs catch

Wont work for GC results but you still get the badge & might be OK racing

I think Cs start 1 min behind

Do you actually get to see and race with Cs?

They start on the same course 1 minute behind Bs
I’ll update this thread after I try tomorrow

I don’t think that’ll work in these races.

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Joined a B race today. Not a chance to hang on to the lead group, but found a relatively big gruppetto which I managed to hang on to almost to the finish line. Lost the gruppetto, or what was left of it, on the last climb. I was sort of happy with the race, but looking at the C results was disappointing. 21 C riders were faster than me, and the winner by a margin of 26 seconds. I guess i’m too good for C or…?

Looking at your ZP profile, you are a small rider with modest power (65kg, 210W FTP). It’s going to be tough in B. The current category system is not your friend and mostly flat races aren’t either. It also looks like your power profile from the latest event was not your best, but your category is based on your best performances. I did that race in C and a large lead group stayed together the whole way. If you spent much time out of the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised if the C group leaders made better time on much of the route.

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Understand your frustration – the game Ive found is to complete the races with as little w/kg as possible – hide, draft, don’t surge & don’t pull

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NOPE, this doesn’t work, other categories dont show, I managed to hang on for 12 minutes of the 30 min race, errr

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You could try joining short sub 20min CE races, perhaps even the quartet back to back Zwift Insider Tiny Races on Saturdays (0900, 1500, 2100 GMT I think) to train your body to adapt to B’s pace.

those tiny races are absolutely brutal

Thanks for the suggestion – I can usually hang on for 10-12 minutes no matter the course
Perhaps as you suggest start shorter & work my way up