Category Enforcement Issue

Any Zwift effort in any mode (not just races and TTs) over 2mins can affect your Critical Power curve enough to trigger a pen promotion, once processed, usually by ~1500 BST the next day.

ignore the 20 minutes parameter, it doesn’t exist for cat enforcement only for zwiftpower

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Is there any chance that you share your account with someone that weighs 66kg?

I don’t share an account James

We’ve seen your account bouncing between 66 and 82kg and it looked like the last CE refresh was done against someone weighing 66kg.

Or am I completely baffling you?

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Hope you didn’t mess up this topic…

Maybe 2 many complaints :see_no_evil:

You’re losing me James.

I’ve not been 66kg for a long time, and never in the 3 years or so I’ve been on Zwift. I’d never cheat the system and race underweight and can’t ever recall dropping my weight, maybe I did for a test or something but I can’t recall.

I have been heavier, and do admit to increasing my weight once when at the top of AdZ for a bit of fun to see how fast I could get back down…on a free ride

Definitely not making any accusations here :slight_smile:

I asked one of our developers to have a look at your account and he thought he saw weight changes - which would definitely explain why you were categorised incorrectly.

He thinks that if you do a ride today your category should be fixed tomorrow when the system updates.

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Any Zwift ride can affect category enforcement. With CE you have to maintain correct weight in all rides, not just races.

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My account in Zwift Power shows D almost C but I am now only allowed to enter C races. How can this be until I am actually classified as C? Also riders who beat me in a race last week using less watts are still D riders. Confusing

Hi Paul,

You’ve done 2.6 and 2.7w/kg for 20 minutes in your last 2 races. That’s definitely what we would expect for someone in C.

The Category Enforcement system uses your best effort rather than best 3 that Zwiftpower uses.


seeing as people are very very entrenched into zwiftpower, I’d suggest having a separate tab/area for showing category enforcement data on ZP


until we get a ranking system then yes results in a race makes no difference to category.

If you are finding riders finishing higher than you with lower w/kg then probably good thing to practice some race craft…draft more be lazy :smiley:

If there is a significant weight difference then the cat system is not great at accounting for this and does favour the heavier riders on Zwift

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Except for the ultra light weights with the hard absolute and arbitrary watt floors where they suddenly have a major benefit. There is a large benefit there for lighter riders, till they hit the watts limit.


yep swings heavily back to the lightweights/kids if you can keep below the wattage floors. These really need to be variable based on weight rather than a fixed value.


Also, if there are rides which usually don’t appear in ZwiftPower (because they aren’t races) but affect your CE category, there should be a tab or filter to display them also. Transparency is key.

Is this not the activities tab on your zwift power profile? that show everything that you do on zwift or do you mean something different?

Doesn’t need to be any additional tabs.

The thing to bear in mind for CE, is that EVERY time you ride on Zwift (free, race, workout etc) can affect your CE category.

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Also sometimes there’s a bug in ZwiftPower where it doesn’t upgrade you correctly but leaves you on “D almost C” (or C almost B, or B almost A). I’ve seen a handful of riders where their three best results are all definitely over the limit, but ZwiftPower still doesn’t force them to go up to the next category for some reason, which of course means they can still access the lower cat races if it’s not a Cat Enforcement race.

that’s rare, only times i’ve seen that is when they have just done a race pushing them over and waiting for profile refresh or the very rare case where it looks like zp admin are holding down a riders cat. usually as a result of contacting zp for trainer changes etc.

If you have any examples it would be interesting to see.