WKG and no results now?

Hello all,

Today was my first race and I entered into the “D” category I had been assigned by ZP. I got 2nd and after trying to show my family the results I can’t find my name anywhere, and the race now says WKG next to it in my profile.

My main confusion is that I entered the category that ZP told me to and the race results say “ZwiftPower category overrides wkg”.

Was I DQ’d? Just seems weird that I was following what ZP said to do, and now it feels like what was a big moment for me is lost. At least the results portion.

See this post it should shed more light on the issue.

You can be proud with your new performance numbers. You will soon be in the front of the C pack.

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Collateral damage, sorry

well that’s fantastic. wow.

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