Why does "WKG" status exist?

I recently did my first and second Zwift race.
Zwift pointed me to category C, where I ended in the 37th place.

Second race (also cat C) was a mass start with all categories together. The race went MUCH better and I could hang on to group A for a long time. I eventually finished in group B where I could even sprint for 2nd place for cat C - which I lost.

But now my result shows “WKG”, because appearantly my numbers were too good. So basically I got promoted to category B during the race? Yay, what a great promotion… Let’s celebrate it with a DSQ…

Suggestion: Wouldn’t it be much simpler and less frustrating for everybody if the WKG results simple showed up in the correct category instead of this stupid and demotivating DSQ?

its possible that he first race was zwift category enforcement and the 2nd one was using Zwiftpower categories as mass starts tend not to be CE enforced, these races have different rulings with regards to power and disqualifications

Yes you’re correct. I’m new to Zwift, so I didn’t know. I simply enrolled in the category that Zwift suggested for me.
But why would they rather disqualify a rider instead of promoting him to the correct category? I think it would be nice if they would stimulate and celebrate personal improvement in a slightly more positive way…

its how zwiftpower works, you put out more power than is allowed within the category you entered so were disqualified with the wkg code, the system doers have the ability to promote to the higher cat for results, not sure that would even be a feasible option to move a rider based on a result like this

Currently with there being 2 systems in place is causing such a confusion for many people with regards to categories and results etc

Hi @Marijn_Geurts

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Some organizers will use the UPG key and move you to B category.

The good news is you are now B cat and not close to the top so you won’t see UPG or WKG soon.


How could it be more difficult to change the category letter than putting the text “WKG” next to a name? :wink:
Especially because it’s a mass start event. My race would have been exactly the same if I enrolled in category A, B, C, D or E.
Don’t forget that it’s only a game. I suppose it’s meant to motivate people to be(come) active and compete. Disqualifying people is not really motivating…

To be honest you were performing at B level in the race on the 17th already. The only reason you were not B is because you only had 2 races and ZP take the average of the top 3.

I thought it was a “race” too, but appearantly it was only a “ride” :wink:
Zwift mentioned that I was “category C almost B”, so that’s why I enrolled in C again on their suggestion.
But that’s a bit offtopic here…

Point is: if Zwift suggests to compete in category C, then why disqualify a rider if their own estimate was off? Why not simply “upgrade” the category and show the results there? It feels quite unjust to be disqualified and removed from the results entirely…

As I said I depend on the organizer of the race. Some will wkg and others will UPG.

Your next race will be beter as you will know to start in B category.

Yes of course it will be better for me in B.
But that shouldn’t stop Zwift from making these simple improvements. There are many more riders that struggle with these categories every day, and it would simply make a huge difference for them too.

Zwift made the improvements it is up to the organizer to use it if they want to.

Contact 3R and ask if they would change it.

Okay, but how? I couldn’t find a contact or support button with the race results

Fore more information on Team3R, visit: Team3R | Facebook

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ. Have you tried that facebook page? It’s is a restricted facebook group, so not accessible. And the other link in the description (that should explain the full rules) doesn’t work either…

Since ZP takes the average of 3 best efforts, isn’t it possible he would remain as a C in ZP?

I am in that FB group. I think you will need to join the group on FB.


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Yes, I’ve applied and am waiting to be admitted. Seems very cumbersome for a simple improvement suggestion…

Organizers have different reasoning for using the different Zwiftpower parameters. That is why racers will prefer one orginizer over another.

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Thanks all for your time and taking the effort to respond!
Just to be absolutely sure: there is nobody here who can adjust and correct the zwiftpower results (remove WKG and enter Cat B), and I should really contact 3R racing for that?