WKG but raced in correct category

Can someone explain me why do I get WKG ranking from race whose category was mine on zwiftPower ?
Zwiftpower should only relies on the category it assigns to users. For now it also considers your performance of the race.

I am ranked B on ZwiftPower and I got a WKG from a B race, it makes no sense !

Worst user experience ever.

WKG means you exceeded the category limits, even though you entered the correct one based on your category prior to the race. If you do other similar efforts, you’ll be reassigned into category A.

The different disqualification tags are explained here: https://zwiftpower.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5337


The DQ code for entering a lower category is UPG. Like you did afterwards.




Thank you I know what is UPG :wink: and this is logical to me. I did that race because I was already exhausted but this is not a real life factor that ZwiftPower can measure and I am ok with that and it is another topic.

But what I do not understand is WKG. What is the purpose of a category if it not racing in races of that category ? So as you said maybe I will be assigned in A later on, but damn let me be ranked in that race any way. It is how it happens in real life. For example in Judo let’s say a blue belt compete in the blue category for a few tournaments and it dominates most of them, it will then upgrade to brown belt probably and guess what, it will not be DQ for these tournaments --’. Same applies to cycling and most of sports.

That’s nice for you, but totally unfair on the genuine cat Cs in that race who were probably trying their hardest. If you’re going to come on and complain about the rules, you should probably start by not breaking them yourself and spoiling races for other people.


Well I guess I would have avoided the main topic as you do if I didn’t have arguments.

You entered the right category in that first race, and exceeded the limits with a very strong performance worthy of Cat A. Just the same as the WKG you got in a Cat C race a few days ago. This meteoric rise will see you assigned to Cat A very soon. There’s nothing more to say, those are the rules.


According to the Race description ZADA Limits apply.


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“These are the rules” will not convince me that they are fair :joy:. Maybe one day you will do a great performance in C and you will be WKG, than you will understand the frustration. I do not have a single example in real life where someone would be DQ by competing in its own category, still makes no sense. So I should wait kindly for ZwiftPower to rank me A so I am not DQ anymore, it’s so genius.

finally a relevant answer. Does that mean that I should look at my 5/20min numbers when I register rather than my category itself ?

I literally gave you the precise answer. Anyway good luck getting the rules changed, send your suggestion to nobodyworksonzwiftpower@zwift.com.


Not really, that mean if you exceed the ZADA limits during the Race you will get the WKG tag for exceeding the limits. So in short you may get away wit riding a bit over the Cat limits but if you go above that you will get WKG.

You are a strong rider with good numbers, I would say to avoid this is to move up to A soon.


I see, it’s a pity that zwift does not try to improve ZwiftPower in my opinion. There is a lot to improve I think but I guess there are lot of open topics for that…


Join the never ending discussion about sandbagging if you want to see how others feel.


I don’t think anyone said they were fair, but they are the rules… for now…


I would say the answer to this is “YES”.
If you know you are capable of a stronger effort than the category ZP gives you, then up grade.
If everyone did that … nevermind, but yes, that’s what you should do.

The thing is that I am not supposed to know that I can do better, or it means that the ZwiftPower system is somehow broken (looks like it is actually). The user shouldn’t have to wonder such questions.

In summary, I would pose the problem like this :
The software that DQ me from a race category is the same software that assigned me that category

From a user point of view, it’s just what the ■■■■.

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We have all been wondering the same for 3 years, just take 5 minute browse at the thread link i posted above. we need pen enforcement for a better racing experience for all


It is just part of the rules. We have been using these rules for a very long time, even before Zwift power was a thing. The initial rule was if you exceed the cat limit in a race you get a DQ and should race one cat up next time. Now it give you 3 races and take the average of the 3 in 90 days.

Is it perfect no. But we all play with the rules. But now that you know you can can go that hard you should start to race one cat up.

A related issue, that does not apply to the OP, are people who join races but are not on Zwift Power.
They don’t have an opportunity to review the results and monitor their 20 min power and they may truly not know that they should cat up.
Some people may not know 6 or 5 w/kg is really high.

Post race results are horribly lacking on the platform.
If Zwift was going to use the honor system for self categorization, then they needed a robust results forum and encourage post race feedback, both positive and negative.