WKG - Uncategorised result because of wrong category

I’m new to indoor training so I’m getting used to my power stats. I did my first race (1st of the Tour De Zwift) on Saturday and somehow managed to race in category A, obviously a set up mistake I made, but my w/kg was around 2.4 which I figured it would be. I should have been in Cat D. Did my second race today and managed to do a better race and averaged a 2.6. Now my results are uncategorised because that is too high for Cat D, should have been in Cat C…and in my profile in had WKG in grey where the category should be and I can’t see some analysis that I can see about the first race. 

Does this mean my results won’t count, are they essentially disqualified? I’ll probably go in under category C next time but it’s likely that I’ll be slower and should have been in D!! Will this be an issue with regards to race standings?

Just enter the correct category next time around.

Looking at the results at zwiftpower all of the uncatergorized results have been put back in the results. I know initially there were a truck of people who had entered the wrong category and had been filtered out. They’re now back even if their power numbers exceeded the category limits.

I wouldn’t worry too much. This wasn’t a proper race, more a competitive group ride. I just went it so I’m in the draw to win a new trainer.

That’s why I did the race too, so I was hoping it was going to be counted! The problem is that I’m in between categories so I’ll just have to get better and be a definite C category soon…any day now. Thanks Nigel.

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