WKG disqualification and race support

Race #1 has been incorrectly configured, some racers are being given “WKG” disqualifications on Zwiftpower, for what is supposed to be a Category Enforcement event.

I’m looking for some inputs on the the below. Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems like a broken feature.

I just raced the Fuego flats stage 1 and I was auto disqualified for putting out 2.7 W/Kg. I get that is above the Cat D limits, but my previous race I was solidly Cat D, 2.5 w/kg (20 min) and 2.7 W/KG (5 Min). I know that is high end of Cat D, but it was pretty much a maximal effort. I also didn’t even come close to winning the Cat D race. I pushed really hard on the race and I don’t understand why I should get disqualified. I agree that from now on I should enter Cat C races, but I entered the race with Cat D expectations and shouldn’t be disqualified when I was following the rules and just put out a strong performance (that still lost).

It looks like it’s been incorrectly set up on Zwiftpower.

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Yeah this is almost certainly a screw-up by Zwift, but to your other point about your category, check my.zwift.com or your profile in the Companion app to see if you’re still in D. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were still under the limit. The limit for D is 2.62W/kg for your zFTP value (not 20 minutes).


Thanks! Do you know if there’s anyway to appeal a DQ? It doesn’t really matter, I just don’t like it! Happy New year.

That race is organized by Zwift HQ, so you could contact support and let them know it’s not configured properly. If you’re not experienced at doing battle with the support chat bot, the secret is to never give up until it prompts you to open a support request.

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The ZRacing events are supposed to just have category enforcement, correct? No DQ’s via Zwift Power (by DQ’s I mean WKG, UPG, etc). Is that right?

Yeah the last time this happened I heard it was related to how the events were titled, causing them not to match the intended ZP config.

Ok, I think the same thing is happening to today’s ZRacing events. Sister just raced and got a WKG which I didn’t think could happen with cat enforcement.

Well, maybe they can fix the error. I thought that as long as I entered the race at the right cat I was fine. I emailed support, hopefully they come back with something helpful!

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They should be able to fix it but will likely be James that does it whenever he is back from new year holiday so could take a day or two.

If it’s still broken in a day or two i would email zwiftpower@zwift.com


Hello fellow Zwifters or rather the organisers of Zracing - Flat is Fast!

I have been D’QD from the race and I don’t know why? My Category (Pace Group) is C for Mixed and B Women. My zFTP is 177w!! The race today at 16:10, my average w/kg was 3.79. See screenshot.
I had to put out, yes about that much, to stay in the peloton! and if I slightly slow my cadence, I get booted to the back! There were 120 riders! As everyone was putting out 3.2 - 3.6, I had to do 3.8 or more just to be there! I don’t understand why I was booted out? I’ve always raced C because my zFTP is below the Category of a B and I don’t think I can ever be a B Mixed.

PLEASE HELP. This race was important! I was near death the whole time, yeah HR of 178 and 180 at the end!

Thank you,

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This issue has been affecting races organized by Zwift HQ for months.

Same problem in Flat Is Fast Category C race tonight (zid=4044722). Zwift HQ please check / correct it!
My Zwift ID 5456643

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Hi everyone. They did get it fixed, just submit a ticket with support (i emailed them).

I think future iterations will be corrected. James at zwift said the issue was because the way Zwift categorizes races is based on titles (and it is case sensitive). For the Flat is Fast tour, the case was wrong. I think flat is fast at least will be fixed. I would recommend an actual email to support, otherwise James probably won’t know he needs fix the race.

Email support@zwift.com

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