Help understanding DQ

Can any frequent racers help me understand my DQ from yesterday please? I’m firmly cat D @ 105kg and a FTP of 230 (60 minute). Yesterday’s race was only 10-15 minutes long and i managed 275w / 2.6wkg, which i was more than happy with as its the best ive done in a while.

Are you supposed to join the category according to your power output for the race duration? I.e. because i can go deep for a shorter effort I need to join cat C? It doesnt make much sense to me as surely everyone is going to push higher than their regular category over 10 minutes, and I came something like 10th in the race so still wasnt challenging the podium… if I jumped to cat C id just be further back.

The guy who came 1st in Cat D is impressive.

This has nothing to do with your power output. The Zwift Insider races are a series of 4 races starting within 1 hour. You only raced the 4th in the series, therefore this is an automatic disqualification as you are racing people that are (theoretically) shattered after racing 3 times already.


Ah ok thanks Paul :slight_smile: I just jumped into the 4th race last second. The DQ made me think I’d done something wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

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You’re not alone, there are always quite a lot of DQ’s in this series as many people jump after the first race has finished. I see that nearly 30% of the field were disqualified in the 4th D race. I see what you mean about the winner.

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