Error when people who race in a lower category than their own are automatically placed in the results of their category

this issue happens when people who enter in a category lower than their ZwiftPower category and finish the race are automatically put in the results in their proper ZwiftPower category (there’s an arrow next to their name) and the race has different distance or courses based on category. This is the case, for example, of the last two Flanders Endurance Series races which had a shorter distance for category D (2 laps instead of 3) and, I guess based on organizers’ policy everybody is placed in their ZiwftPower category in the results if they raced in a lower category. The participants who are B and C according to ZwiftPower, but raced in D, came up at the top of B and C because the time it took them to complete D distance (2 laps) is much shorter than what it took all the others to finish 3 laps. There is no such problem if all category race on the same course or same distance.
I submitted this issue to the BZR guys who organize the Flanders Endurance Series and they manually disqualified the guy who was showing up as the winner of category C in January 2nd race and I guess are going to do the same for the top three cat C and first Cat B in yesterday’s (January 9th) race. They all entered in cat D, but are currently assigned cat C or B by ZwiftPower.
Gian Marco

The organiser can set the race up for WKG upgrade which means you will be promoted to the Category which you finished in according to your W/Kg.
Obviously this will not work if the race distances are different, I would imagine BZR will now be aware of this and adjust the race parameters to fit.
As a footnote if you do get an upgrade this way you usually finish at the bottom of the group above as you will not have the stronger field to work with from a higher group.

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Hello Gian Marco,

Same issue Today during the Flanders Endurance Series race, in Zwiftpower, a category D shows up as winner in category A because he’s done 1 lap less…
Who/how did you contact at BZR to get the Zwift power results corrected?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Pierre,
I contacted them through Facebook Messenger, their FB account is BELGIANeCYCLINGCLUB.BZR