Race Category Clarification

Hi All,

I entered a race as a category D rider today with a friend. I am pretty sure I am D based on my FTP 2.2…

When I finished the race the race results only show in the 4 bandings A-D and I am bottom of the A category when I entered as a D?

How can this happen?

Hi @Rob_Elvidge
Are you sure you entered D and not A by mistake?

Thanks for the reply Gerrie. I don’t think I did but if thats the only explanation I’ll keep an eye on it.

So doesn’t Zwift put people in the right category if their power rating at the end of the races falls below 2.4 for Cat D for instance? or if you have done an FTP it knows you are a Cat D rider on your profile or something? Just curious.

No Zwift don’t move people to different categories.

Your calculated category is your minimum category and you can always race up. So in your case a D could enter and race as an A ,B,C or D but an A can not race D. Why might Zwift allow this? Race with friends or push your limits or maybe just see if you can hang in.