I cannot ride in any category due to enforcement and I haven't raced in the last 60 days


I have not raced in zwift in the lst 60 days!

I cannot race in any category, not even in A (what the heck zwift!?). Yes sometimes on some races I can race in A or if E is available only in E. I don’t get it. Why is that the case? I am definetly not a strong rider or something, I use a elite turbo trainer and I just wanna do some zwift racing when I can!

Hope someone can help me with this super weird issue…

If you’ve done any ride in the game in the last 90 days, you should be assigned a category. If that’s not happening, you might want to contact support or email zwiftpower@zwift.com.

I will try that and then maybe cintact support👍. I think my last activity might have actually been 90 days ago!

Do an easy ride or it will might put you in a category that is higher than you should be

I disagree. A hard ride will be more likely to put you in the right category. Two separate rides focused on short and long efforts will do even better (on separate days)

Yah, I suppose so. I wil just ride multiple times to see where it puts me in the next few days. Hard rides will put me in that category at what wattage I ride of course, so the more you ride and the more you ride hard, the better it will be of course as zwift will have more data. It currently has no data I guess (I have ridden many times before) cause my power max values for the different time lengths and ftp power is at 0 or not available at zwiftpower. That could be the cause to not put me in any category. Thanks already

My thought is starting with an easy ride, then continue from there with more rides will give a better reading(more data) rahter then just going into races or events and hammering it and getting put into B when in fact you might be a high C.

If you can do B category power then you belong in B, even if you could figure out a way to stay in C.

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I am in the same boat :speedboat:

I am only able to join cat A at the moment and I’d like to join B. Is there a certain type of event that I need to do in order to get my category again? Would it need to be a TT or a race, or would I be able to do a hard effort group ride (Tour of Watopia)? Does it have to be a certain duration?

Any ride will do. I think it has to be 2km or more. The reason to do something hard is to get an accurate category. Some race organizers will disqualify you from the results if you significantly exceed the category power limits. Tour of Watopia would be perfect if you gun it.