Restricted in all categories


I left Zwift for 4 months and just renewed my membership. I was a Cat C rider before and now when I try to select a race all categories are restricted. I get no options to select. It just has the restricted symbol listed beside each Cat. Am I missing something here?



So, there are two types of enforcement in races, the Zwift Power enforcement (which is just 95% of your top 3 20min w/kg races in the last 90 days), and Category Enforcement. I think you’re restricted from Category Enforcement races. It used to be that if you had no power data within the last 90 (or maybe 60?) days they would default people into A, but then I think that was moved to “E”. So perhaps what is going on is you have no recent power data, and the races you’re trying to enter have no “E” category.

Either way I would think that should only happen if you have no recent activity on Zwift at all (because category enforcement takes into account activities that are both races as well as anything in Zwift).

If that’s the case I think you only need only a bit of data to slot yourself into a category, and I ‘think’ those can be from any activities in Zwift. Someone might correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @john_whelan

All you need to do is a ride so that Zwift can see your potential.

Thanks guys!
So even the E Cat are restricted for me. Do you think if I just do a group ride or ride one of the routes they will pull the data and give me a Cat?

Yes probably any ride longer than 12 minutes. Jus go for a nice long group ride or Pace Partner or anything you like to do. I am sure Zwift will have a category tomorrow if you do that.

Let us know.

You should also be able to do a non-Category Enforced race as well. Not all races will have that enforcement “!” symbol.

Something sounds wrong here, if even the E category is off limits?

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I found one with a E cat which was about 30 mins. I’ll try and find another tomorrow and hopefully Zwift put me in a Category.
Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Could also be the new equipment restrictions, some races require a smart trainer/power meter and/or HRM.

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It’s all good. After doing one cat E race I’m no longer restricted.
Thanks for the help.


I got the same thing when I came back to Zwift after the summer season. Even the E group was unavailable in the CE events. I thought it was strange that I couldn’t even do the Es, but never worried about it too much. I did a non CE race, and all was right again.

Bizarre. I suppose you’re sure that while it was a CE race, but that the E category wasn’t instead relegated to women-only? There are some of those configurations out there too.

Yes, but how would Zwift bar you from signing up – not knowing whether you will or won’t show up at the race start with or without the req’d equipment?

I don’t know @Wannie, Zwift does know what equipment you’ve connected with so perhaps they use historical/most recent data?

Possibly the answer is provided by Gordon in this thread.

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It’s probably not that you can still signup to the event the hardware requirement is only checked at the point of joining the pen.

Other option could be a CE race without the E pen. E.g my sunday crash only has A to D pens but is Category enforced. I thought without any history you could sign up for any category but maybe that’s changed.