How to get out of Cat E in category enforcement?

I don’t know why but Cat E is my only option when joining category enforced races. Sometime if there’s no E then A is available, sometimes nothing is available.

According to the FAQ on CE cat E is for when there’s not much data but I’ve got plenty of recent rides, including events on zwiftpower. 14h of rides in the past 30 days all done with power and HR. Zwiftpower calls me a D but I can’t join 90% of races because of this. Does anyone know how to get out of this?

Can you provide a link to your ZwiftPower profile (just the ID number at the end of the url)

ZwiftPower id is 1313485
In case it’s any use, my 60 day power data from is

Thanks. Yeah that’s all a bit odd. I see you were able to enter Cat D Races for the Race Like a Champ series, so presume the restriction you are now encountering has only happened since those? And given those are within the 60 day CE period (as well as others as you mentioned), I’m picking Zwift will likely need to reset your CE cat - its as if your data has got screwed up hence they think you are new.

I’d suggest you go through Zwift Support - make sure you provide your ZP ID and they should be able to sort for you.

Yeah I was able to enter them in D in October, not sure exactly when it started as I didn’t try to join races 3 onwards in Oct.
I tried Zwift support through the chat who created a ticket for me, I followed them up on Tuesday and they said they’ve marked it as a priority and that they’d email me, but I haven’t heard anything more. I guess all I can do is keep waiting to hear from them

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Oh that’s frustrating. Finger’s x’ed someone from Zwift support might see this post and shake the support tree. No harm sending an email to as it’s that team that developed the CE system and that may yield a quicker response.

The only positive about entering Cat E ZRacing series while this is broken is that they start all Cat’s at once so you will be racing the same people. If you like racing outside of the ZRacing series, use ZwiftHacks to find events where all cats start at the same time otherwise you may not have much company.