Enforcement category

I like the enforcement category, I think this solve problem of C riding in D and other probleme.

I hold on zwift in spring because i’m in Canada and we got a short summer and we’d like to ride otdoor as much as possible (longer day from 6am to 10pm as opposed to winter from 8am to 3:30pm), as I reached more than 90 days from updating FTP data I was blocked from entering any race. I know there was a E cat but riding alone and leave the star a minute after everybody kinda stupid.

What is the big deal of letting in with my older category for only one race and get my FTP updated?

I like enforcement cat but I think your going one step too far as after the race and even within the race you get blocked already for not being in the right cat anyway?

I think you should allow people in the first place and blocked them after the event or within the event.

Thank you

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If you do one ride or event over 12 mins or so in length you should be able to get back into a category. I’m not sure why Zwift can’t just default into your last category (rather than forcing you in A) until you get updated ride data, that would seem reasonable to me.

Just do any ride on Zwift and you’ll be fine. You just need to have some recent ride data.

I agree on something like the better of “last known category” and “last entered category” without sufficient quality data.

like most things it wouldn’t matter either way if it were just a bit clearer. the faq regarding CE is pretty decent now although hard to find if you don’t know where it is already - “more info” next to our fitness metrics. there’s some pretty important info in there that a lot of people could benefit from reading so i would like it if it were a bit more visible


That’s a good point, If you were to have some pop-up window that you give an instant explanation of what is going on. that would save alot of frustration.

Don’t forget that when you find out, you’re already on your bike chasing event on the companion :slight_smile: Not comfortably seated in front of a PC. You’ve been preparing yourself for 20 minutes, water, changing wheel, towel etc… gogogo !