Out of category Zwift Power results?

Raced a C class today and came in 6th Zwift Power. Places 1-4 were an A and 3 B class racers. Isn’t Zwift Power supposed to filter this out? Was a MAAP stage one race.

I had similar on my stage 1 Rising Empire where first 7 were B in a C race. I think the races are set up wrongly which means that ZwiftPower auto UPG doesn’t recognise event as a race. Just putting race in the title isn’t enough !

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Most races organized by Zwift don’t enforce cat rules.


If you click the comment bottom top right of the race, they will take a look. I did it yesterday and got the Cat A sandbagger DQ-ed from my race.

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I don’t understand how races works… I was subscribed to the D category witch was 1 to 2,4. When the race started, everyone was going so fast, I did my race all alone (at about 230-240w). And when I look at the results, the first 14 players are over the 2.4 limit should would probably be disqualified!

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@Paul_Mason1 To what are you referring by “click the comment bottom top right of the race”? Any chance you can attach a screenshot?


Just to follow up thank you for all the replies. They corrected the race this morning after I left a comment as suggested. The issue for me is not this race but being able to race in future having faith out of category riders are eliminated.

One final comment - it seems these official Zwift races would be an excellent opportunity for Zwift to implement their own controls in race as reported for last update.


Thanks Dave - yes I’m meant box top right

No worries–I knew you meant top right; unfortunately, I was busy looking for the top right of my ZC :woozy_face: It hurts to look the reality of my intelligence in the face, but at least I know where I stand.