Zwift wrong Category DQ working?

Hi just finished a race where the category winners and some 2nd placers were from the category above and had won other races in a similar way. Are these incorrect category entries not DQ’d? In the D Cat a C won and had won another D race last week, same for C and in B an A+ had the gold??? Check out the Japan Zwift Race from 12.10 today.

Sorry to say but this is nothing new. We have been asking Zwift to do something for many years.

Auto-Assign Race Categories ?

There is currently a bit of traction but it is still a long way to go.

The real results is on .
Zwiftpower was created by a group of volunteers to try to make racing more fun and fair.

Hi Thanks for the reply, this is on Zwift Power, that’s why I was surprised…

I agree this look weird, maybe something is up with Zwift power or it did not update yet.

Since Zwift and Zwiftpower are now one and the same, can’t we do away with this ridiculous duality of race results? Everyone should be assigned a Zwiftpower category, notified and rejected when they try entering below category.

It makes a mockery of Zwift racing when my wife asks me how I got on, and I have to begin my answer with the word “Well…”


A lot of the time - though not always - it has to do with who’s putting the race on. For instance, if you’re doing one of the Zwift HQ big events like a Tour of Watopia or something, you can expect to see a lot of folks racing outside their correct category as it relates to ZwiftPower. Mostly this is due to us not making those rides as competitive as some of the community events; the subgroups on those rides are sometimes based on distance, sometimes based on the honor system, etc.

This of course doesn’t explain when it happens and why it happens so frequently.

The auto categorization thread is a good indicator as to where the solution might lie in the short term, though nothing concrete at the moment.

For now, the reason you’re seeing this is because there are a lot of systems behind the orange curtain that need retooling in order for a solid, reliable, and robust competitive experience to happen. For now, it’s gonna have its bumps as it has, though we’re not wanting that to continue.

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Hi, Yes I thought the race provider may be the difference but then I have also completed a 3R race with the same issue, all the winners from the grade above. Looking at some of the riders that were in the incorrect category, before now they were DQ’d (in their own race history) regularly but seem to recently be left to remain in the running. Seems like a recent issue.