The category changed after the race

Good day. Yesterday at 17:35 I took part in a 3R Racing «Sand and Sequoias ».
Before the race I updated and checked the category on Zwiftpower – it was «minimum B, almoust A» and I registered in B.
After the race I saw, that I was excluded from the finish results, due to exceeding wt/kg for B category and my category on Zwiftpower became «Minimum A».
Is it possible to return my result to the finish protocol, since at the time of the start of the race my category, according to Zwiftpower profile was «B».

No, because even if you start the race as a B you’re expected to keep within B power limits. Sorry but that’s the way it works. Congratulations on the upgrade!

This is done at race organisers discretion.

Some organisers (like me) will honour the starting category (within reason). Others will outright DQ for exceeding category limits.

You should speak to the organiser of the race.


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What a lot of organisers do ( including me) is if a rider goes over but stays within 0.2 above limits they get the result and will then be promoted by ZP.
For many it can be a case of finishing even very slightly below the Cat limit their best three race result may take then over.

I assume you can still see your time and calculate for yourself anyway where you would have placed if you had stayed a B.