Moved to A grade

I just finished a zwift race, I joined my correct category B grade and raced in B grade but in the results I was bumped to A grade. My W/kg numbers were in B grade limits and were lower thanel several of the b grade riders. Is their any reason this would have happened. Is their any way to fix the results?

Are you sure you selected B …your last race photos show you racing as an A, not B?

Could it be that you entered the event via the old home screen where the buttons are quite close to each other? Companion App or new Home Screen is less easy to accidently do that though.

If you have access to your log file you can see what Zwift thought you entered - it will mention the event name and Cat like this:

NETWORK:GroupEvents: Player already signed up for “3R Racing” group event, subgroup “3R Racing (B)”

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I was sure I started in the b grade pen, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway it explains why the race felt so tough


ZPower uses 3 best 95% 20min average. So if you went from 4.10, 4.10, and 3.75 avereges to 3.98, B Cat. If the last race you were 3.85 you now average 4.10, 4.10, and 3.85 for an average of 4.02.

So last race was within B limits but pushed overall 3 averaged into A Cat territory now.

Cat system has now changed :frowning:
looks at 2min-8min power also now

Only if you do the category enforcement races.

I bumped my estimated FTP from 260-278 at the weekend. Getting close again.

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If you send us the link to the event in Zwiftpower, I’ll be able to see which category you actually entered.

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2928241 @JamesBailey

@Ben_Rolfe you signed up in A.

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