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Just started zwifting but I’m a bit confused regarding the Categorys, and why/if i need to up my category even if I’m not close to ending up in front…:sweat_smile:

I done 3 races in total and got UPG in the last two races. On zwiftpower I was classed as a A before the race today, after the race a “B almost A”. Beeing dropped the race before and Zwift still have the B open for me?i again entered the B category, finshied midpack in B and still got a UPG with avg of 3.6w/kg…?

Was this because I entered a B category when before the race Zwift power had me at class A?

My heart rate was red in zwiftpower, not high enough hr for the avg w/kg?

If i get a UPG in a random race, do i miss any points,XP or sweat drops etc? Does it matter?

In the two first races i pushed avg 4,1-4,2 w/kg and got a UPG in class B…i can understand this. But still got dropped by zwifters with lower avg w/kg & lower absolute watts by like 20 watts in class B…?

Basically this was a flat course and then up a hill with me beeing dropped in the hill. This was where I got my avg of above 4.1 w/kg, during the flats and then uphill. How can a lighter B rider hang in there pushing less watts and not get a UPG or be forced to Cat A? I suck at drafting…? Not upgraded bike/wheels etc?

The guys that won Class B and have a weight of 62-64 kgs and a ftp of 325 in Zwiftpower…? How can they stay in B…but i get dropped and get a UPG in cat b?

Im confused!? :joy:

hi @Benny_Vestergren

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Category enforcement look at your best numbers in the last 30 days. with 4.32w/kg for 20 min you are surly an A category rider.

On Zwift power you are still a B (not for long) so races that does not use CE (Category enforcement) you can enter B

now is the time to lean how to draft.


no you don’t lose anything in the game really… if you look at your ranking on Zwiftpower then that is probably impacted by a UPG or DQ, but I’m not sure how?

Any metric that is red indicates it was the highest value so far, has nothing to do with a DQ or UPG.

what type of trainer or power meter are you using?

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Yes seems like drafting skills are lacking!

Maybe just the ranking inside Zwift power thats effected if i get a UPG?

I’m on a elite suito t for now but will alternate between this and a tacx neo bike that I have on my work. So will be fun to see any difference between the two.

I’d bet the Neo bike is more accurate than the Suito.

Any ideas why a did get a UPG on my last race though?

Event 3293245

not sure, you were under A cat for power and listed as B almost A still? maybe someone else can chime in? @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

I was classed as a A rider in zwiftpower before the race, in Zwift i had A and B open for entry. After the race downgraded to a almost A.

So the logical reason is that i had the wrong category in zwiftpower upon entry, but i can’t find any info if this is the case?

The 3R race does not seem to be a CE race. I assume you were a Cat A during the 3R race so you should have entered cat A. This is because you had 2 very good races. Now you have 3 races and the average is just under Cat A so you can enter cat B.

I would suggest racing in A because if you race like you did nit the first 2 races you will get a Upgrade again.

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there’s your answer…


Ok thx for the clarification! :+1:

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Looks like it is a CE race with ZP Cat rules enforcement combined, like this one which seems to be the norm with 3R races now.

Whilst some people like/dislike that configuration (I like), the race config really should be highlighted in the description so people are warned what rules are in play. Only way to tell is to check ZP prior to race.

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This is so wrong having two different standards for one race. If CE let you race B than your result should stand. CE and ZP is Apples and Mice you can’t mix them.




Nonsense. This just shows how Zwift messed up with ‘category enforcement’, which should have been only what name implies: enforcement of a category. Not to mix it up with a new categorisation.

Organiser here needs to hack things together. New categorisation has a lot of pitfalls. This tackles a few while using the benefits of the enforcement.

Good move by the organiser. Crappy setup unfortunately needs hacks. That’s on Zwift, not the organiser.

It is two completely different systems one use 20 min power over 3 races and the other use best power curve over 30 days.(to put it simple)

Edit: 60 days. Thanks for the correction @Paul_Southworth .


One enforces a category but comes mixed up with some badly setup categorization. A categorization that due to bad setup actually gives people with low short term power occasionally a lower category than expected. That is tackled by combining it with ZP.

Does it win Beauty Award? No but kudos to organizer again for making the best of a crappy setup.

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Does it have shortcomings yes. Same as ZP also has shortcomings.

Those that get lower categories based on short intervals is very far and few.

Those that miss use ZP is huge amount.

I rather take my chances with CE than ZP, CE races feel a lot more fair and competitive.

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Out of my CE races since beginning Nov (11) as a CE and ZP C rider, 7 had ZP Cat B’s in the groups I was in (at or near the front). Mixing ZP and CE makes complete sense to me until we get custom pens based on rankings.