UPG in 3R Volcano Circuit Flat Race (15-sep-2021)

Got UPG filtered in this event earlier today:

I’m wondering why. At the beginning of the race Zwiftpower had me (z=1379417) down as “C almost B”, which to me means, “ride in cat. C now, and expect you’ll soon be B”.

The 3R guidelines are to ride in the correct Zwiftpower category, so signing up to ride cat. A, B, or D would have been a fast path to getting filtered. I feel like the result should be included.

Meanwhile I’m a cat. B, so next time that’ll be my category.

That race put you over the C cat limit. Looking at your past races you were already doing B Cat numbers I don’t know why you were not a B already.

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I was in the past, but it seems like Zwiftpower is “calculated based on averaging the w/kg and functional threshold power (FTP) from your best three races within the last 90 days. If you haven’t been Zwifting for 90 days yet, your best 3 races, w/kg, and your FTP will be averaged until you reach the 90 days, and then the regular category calculation begins.”

I’ve just gotten back inside and hadn’t been racing a whole lot. The Academy Road sessions probably got me demoted to C, which is why I participated in cat. C.

Doesn’t it seem odd that you’re put in a category before a race, and then as the race progresses you’re required to upgrade? That makes riding in the minimum category impossible without getting UPG DQ’ed…

Yes it is the average of your best 3 races in 90 days.

You were on the edge before the 3R race started but went over the limit during the race therefore the UPG. If you look at the only 2 races you did this month you were above Cat C the only reason that you were listed as C almost B is because it did not have data for 3 races.

You should have known that the next race will put you in B looking at your performance.

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I did know that. Just is weird to do the upgrade during the race. After would be more appropriate.
It’s a bit like saying of course it’s OK - I can have a cookie, and then immediately slapping my hand when I try to take one.

I think you got caught - it should have shown you as a B, I think I’ve seen some other riders with the same problem recently, showing a category down even though the “3 efforts” shown are all in the category above.

It seems to be temporary and resolve itself, but I know that’s not helpful.

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No his category was correct because he only had 2 races in 90 days.

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group rides (and workouts i think) count as well so he would of been over.

13th July 2.966
3rd Sep 3.207
13th Sep 3.519

Giving average of 3.23

So i’d say it’s as @Craig_D_Mart says and ZP bug or possible ZP had not fully calculated 20 min power from the race on the 13th when the OP last checked their cat.

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OP was looking at a cached profile page; had he clicked ‘Refresh Profile’ it would have updated.

The Crit City race of 3.519 wkg for 95% pushed you well into Cat B.

The LIVE race page shows your Minimum Category of B


Not sure which it was:
Either it was indeed a bug and I should have been in cat. B as per the calculation @Gordon_Rhino-Racing made.

Or the profile info was cached, and should have updated. I didn’t have to refresh it to see I’d been upgraded to B, though, so to me this seems like the less likely option.

Either way, it looks like I shouldn’t have raced in cat. C so the UPG is fair.
@S_ticky_KRT : Oh, you can go back and see what that info was at the time of the beginning of the race??