UPG in Zwift Power after racing in my Zwift Power category


My ZwiftPower category is shown as C and Almost B. My Zwift category is C. I signed up for a race today to in category C and got second but in results on ZwiftPower I’am marked as UPG and filtered-out.

Can someone explain to me what I’ve done wrong? Should I look at w/kg numbers and not the category that ZwiftPower displays before picking the category?
If I should UPG why ZwiftPower is still showing me as cat C?

Here is ZwiftPower id for the results: 3527643

Thanks in advance!

Couple of things - firstly as it was a Category Enforced (CE) event, you entered as a CE Cat C (you find that in your profile on The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App). In theory, you can’t be disqualified from CE races but where it gets tricky is some organisers also apply ZP rules as well, and 3R are one of those. Effectively you are racing in two category systems.

So what actually happened: your first race as a CE Cat C was fine, but you exceeded ZP Cat C limits (by less than 0.1w/kg over 20mins) and were bumped to Cat B after race processed. FYI, if you had exceed by more than 0.1w/kg you would have been disqualified (WKG) for that too in ZP.

You then entered the Oh My Crit event as CE Cat C (again, this must be correct as CE only lets you enter a CE cat you are entitled to), but as 3R also apply ZP rules, and ZP had you in Cat B, you should have raced in Cat B - UPG being the code for racing in wrong category.

With the the DQ’ed race, your 95% of 20min performance has now dropped you back to ZP “C almost B”.

Probably all a bit confusing and not the best welcome for you to Zwift racing. Most race events that say they are CE don’t also apply ZP rules but 3R is one of the more popular organisers that do so just watch out for those events.

Thanks Dean,
I didn’t realize I was bumped to B on ZP after my first race. This makes it clearer.
In any case, the takeaway is that the safest way not to get DQed is to check my ZP category before a race and race in that category but also try and race in a category where I likely won’t exceed the 0.1w/kg limit.

So for my next race I should be okay in C as long as I don’t exceed the 0.1w/kg limit, right?

Thanks again.

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Yes but - dont purposely try and stay below - your first event had some good performance numbers so I’m picking you will very likely get bumped into CE B soon enough and if you have potential to improve, nothing like being thrown in the deep end :wink:

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3R should fix this and only use one of the 2 methods imo. They and other race organizers who still want to use both at the same time should CLEARLY write that in the race description so we can know before the race. It really sucks to race hard, following the rules, excited to check your result in ZP and then see you got an upg/dq.

Now organizers who use catenf and at the same time ZP, hides it so it’s impossible to avoid them.

My 0.02$

Agree but no reason why it shouldn’t be auto-populated


Even better!