UPG and category enforcement

I received a UPG code after a Crit Race on Tuesday night in Neokyo. I’m just a B under zwiftpower but can enter C cat races that use category enforcement. I entered the C race on Tuesday which was CE. Trying to work out if this is an error, or whether I’ve done something wrong (assumed if I have an option to enter a C race that’s CE I’m fine to do that).

Probably an error in how the event was setup on Zwiftpower.

CE races shouldn’t be using ZP category filtering post-race.

Event it configured wrong in ZP. Probably best to try reach out to the organiser to adjust.

What race was it if you have the zp link would help

The crit races run by Zwift have the default settings enabled I believe. Not sure if this was the race you were talking about, but if it was, then @James_Zwift can probably tweak this.

ZwiftPower - Login +1 for UPG on Zwift race, if zwift let me join there race’s why the UPG, in CE race by zwift them self.

Unfortunately, plenty of these daily Zwift Crit Races are dq’ing people.

Thanks. I don’t seem to be able to paste a race link…

The end of the link is : events.php?zid=3038628

19:10 BST Crit Race on Monday.

Anyway, the post was more to check I wasn’t abusing the CE system, which I like, so thanks all.

Hi Mike,

I’ve updated the race so your result should now show up.