Allowed to enter C CAT on but got UPG [ZwiftPower - The Burning Legs League by SZR]

I am a B with very low numbers so entered C cat on category enforcement race but got UPG, why?

Because the event organiser hasn’t set up the event quite right in Zwiftpower - if it uses Category Enforcement then it should be set to not enforce the Zwiftpower categories.

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What should I do to get reinstated? Don’t like having UPG on my ZP profile.

The organiser is SZR - On Zwiftpower you can see a list of people within the team who have the ability to edit their events (ZwiftPower - Login).

@Martin_Bjorgvik_SZR is the first name on the list so perhaps he can help you?

If on Facebook, find the SZR group and post there. They may even have a web page. You could also try Zwift Support or one of the Zwift team might drop by here and fix (@James_Zwift ).

The event organiser needs to fix it but @Martin_Bjorgvik_SZR is a good egg.

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UPG is set by Zwiftpower automaticly if you ride in the wrong category correct me if Iám wrong @James_Zwift. It´s your category on Zwiftpower that matter no matter what Zwifts category enforcement allowes you to do. Zwift CE and ZP categories doesnt match 1-1 so ride in the category ZP has or you will get and UPG in any Zwift race that uses Zwiftpower.


I thought the Category enforcement went of your numbers? I am a B but with very low numbers at present, probably should be a C cat. If it allows you to enter as a C cat don’t think UPG is fair? THX Paul

You need to select no category enforcement for event where you are using Category Enforcement in game.

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@Martin_Bjorgvik_SZR The settings for your series should probably be something like below to avoid situations where riders have different CE and ZP categories such as @Paul_Dyer

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Thats a new one… noone told me about that feature beeing added :slight_smile: will add that right away to all the CE races we have

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Will that get me reinstated to the results @James_Zwift @Martin_Bjorgvik_SZR ? Thanks

I’m not sure if the series settings are applied retroactively, so @Martin_Bjorgvik_SZR would need to edit the race results:


and then:


(And I realise that Martin probably knows how to do this but if I add the screenshots it may help others who don’t)

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Done, but can´t seem to find you in the results or in the filtred? or are you racing under some other name than “Paul Dyer”?

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Those settings are only applied to new events that have not yet been built on Zwiftpower.

Noticed something, but maybe it’s normal or an option in one’s own privacy settings to hide (I thought that existed for age, but not weight though)? That is, riders placing in results without any DQ applied, but with no weight listed – ie. it’s blank? For that matter, one example below, HR and height also hidden?

@Wannie Profile>Settings>Registration and privacy setting>I give consent…

@Paul_Dyer is showing in 6th place in C now:


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I am back in the results thanks.

Were you originally asking about the SZR race or the EVO race the day before? [Edit - sorry should have read OP title more carefully]

I notice on the EVO race, which I think was CE, that you raced in Cat C, came 7th on Zwift results and would have been 6th on ZP but it looks like you have been upgraded to now be 33rd and last in the B Cat race !

But at least no UPG on your record. :blush: