Category enforcement pushing me down a level?

Rode in the SISU KQOM event this morning (530a EDT). I signed up as a B, per my ZwiftPower rating and races from the last 6 months. It was a single pen event with A through D together. Once the leaderboard appeared in the race, I noticed a C next to my name (I am a low B-). Enjoyed the ride and set a new PB on the Volcano Climb. In ZwiftPower it shows me as “UPG” and only lists me in the filtered results. Zwift shows me in the C results in the companion app.

I signed up as B, wanted to ride as B, but Zwift pushed me down. I thought Category Enforcement only pushed you up???

Accordingly to Zwiftpower, you signed up in C.

Exactly - that’s the rub. I signed up for B in the Companion App. Somehow I was moved down to C after signup.

Hi @Lee_Ragsdale5253

Zwift does not have a system to move people to different categories. The only thing I think happened is you clicked on the C category by mistake.

That’s what I thought too, hence the concern. So, either I inadvertently changed pens after signup for B in the companion app or a potential for a bug. I confirmed yesterday that I was in B, so it was noticeable when I saw C on the leaderboard.

A secondary issue - if my ZwiftPower rating has been B for 6 months, why would Zwift have me as a C?

Cat Enforcement uses different criteria, see: Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

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The race had CE rules applied.
The rider entered the correct category but says he was placed in the cat below.

If it was CE race, then being in an incorrect pen is out of the users hands… That is something on zwifts side.

I notice there is another post that states the same happened to a friend in another thread.

Edit to add the other post

From a quick look I would say you have no ride within last 60 days which definitely put you in CE B category.

Question you might want to ask is why you got a UPG for your excellent C category win. You started a CE race, I assume, as C category with a ZwiftPower race category of B only to be told at end of race your ZP average of best three races ( not including this one) is now, and always was, B category !! Seems odd.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter on a fun event like today, but seems odd and I’d like to resolve for future events.

And, no win either. I was 3rd if I had been in results. The C winner rode at a 20 min 3.7 W/kg but less than 200W, so he counts as C. That’s another issue for the C category to deal with….

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looking at the race results the c winner rode 3.2wkg for 20 minutes in C cat, the winner of the B cat rode 3.7wkg which is within the B cat limits

You’re right. I saw that his 20 min ftp is 3.72 and 195w and he is still rated C in ZwiftPower. He was only 3.2 today for the event.

Needs to be 200+ for B.

By my reckoning your race time of 43:28 put you first on ZP results had you not had a questionable UPG.

Well, how about that!! Thanks for pointing out that detail. I’ll take the W. I was going on the Zwift Companion results as 3rd, but ZwiftPower says I would have been 1st C, but for the UPG.

It is all complicated between Zwift Companion, ZwiftPower, and Category Enforcement. I’m happy to be riding and racing, but would love to not have so many conflicting inputs on performance. Ultimately, I just want to get better, and I get satisfaction from that. I set a new PB on the Volcano Climb today - and that is the important part.

Thanks for the feedback!

You haven’t accidentally set your ZP profile to override let zwift decide category have you? One of our riders did that. Her numbers said she was a B (so she would autocat into B) but she’d set her category as A

i keep setting mine as D but it still won’t let me enter anything below A


I have confirmed it was “Let ZwiftPower decide” I have changed it to “B” to see if that impacts. Not confident based upon other commenters.