Wrongly bumped up to category B

Hi. I’ve been bumped up to category B when clearly I am C. I did a race yesterday in category C that I belong in. I was kind of amazed that I suddenly was pushing more watts than I should be able to do according zwift.

I pushed 3.27w/kg which is only slightly over category C if that would be real! I never win any races in C and I often struggle to keep up with the best riders.

I think my highest has been around 3.11 average for a short 26min race. No way I am B for any longer than 30min race…

Probably my turbo trainer read to high or something, because 4 days ago I did a 1:30h race and I was totally dead afterwards, average power was 2.3w/kg

No way I improved that much in a few days. Please fix and disregard yesterdays race with 3.27. If zwift calculates your category based on your 3 best efforts from what I’ve read, then in no way would that be an average that is higher than 3.2w/kg

Congratulations on getting to B. Always good to progress.


Category Enforcement does not use an average of 3 results. It can use any single effort to determine category, but tends to require both a relatively short (5mins ish), and relatively long (12mins+) max effort to get a solid estimate of your zFTP and zMAP which will be what is used in category enforcement.

You can see your best numbers on zwift.com on your profile page, so if you check that out you can see your zFTP, and zMAP and best efforts per time. That will lend insight into why you were promoted.

Edit: You can read more about it here … Category Enforcement FAQ (zwift.com)

Oh. That means I got to B? Because I was like doing 3.1w/kg for like 26min flat out max race and the next day I did go easier and went like 1h with 3.27w/kg? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Basically what I am saying is that cannot be legit. I’m using turbo elite muin trainer if that helps

What does your profile say for your zFTP and zMAP? If it’s above the C limit then you’ll be categorized as B.

What I don’t get is that I go easier with lower heart rate and it feels easier also I do a longer race and somehow my w/kg is higher. How does that make any sense? Tell me how I magically improved this much?

Also I think my turbontrainer wasn’t calibrated right because this is odd

Edit: my zftp is shown at 219 watts

If your trainer is faulty, Zwift will believe almost anything it says. If you’re able to correct the problem, you can write to zwiftpower@zwift.com and explain it. You might want to contact Elite or post on the Elite forum for advice about the trainer.

You can get upgraded due to exceeding either zFTP or zMAP limits. Look at your profile on my.zwift.com to see the PRs. Also if you have lowered your weight, or shared your account with someone who did that, on any ride (not just races) that is a common reason for people getting upgraded. If you want to share a screenshot of the power data on your profile you can get more advice. That information is private so it’s completely up to you if you want to share it.

Ok thanks