Am I in the wrong category?

Hello there :slight_smile:

It feels like I’ve been bumped up to category B by mistake - I’m really struggling to keep up with the group.

My metrics are:
zFTP 290w (3,53 w/kg)
ZMAP 315w (3,84 w/kg)

According to the ‘category enforcement FAQ’ I should be in category C, but the calculation method may have been updated.

How would I accomplish moving back to category C?

Any help appreciated :smile:

This is B cat

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Unsure if I’m reading it wrong, but it says:

Pace Group B	≥4.1W/kg and ≥200W

And I’m quite a bit below 4.1

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That is the zMAP column, you are over the limit for zFTP.

≥3.36W/kg and ≥200W

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If it is any consolation, my Zmap is 4.21 and my zFtp is 3.23 and I am classed as a B

Ohh - assumed that both zMAP and zFTP were needed to put me in a given category.
So even with my crappy zMAP i’m moved to the B-category, guess I have my work cut out for me :melting_face:

Thanks for replying :smile:


yeah, it’s an either/or, not both

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Your longer term power is excellent. If you want to place well your choices are either to train for short term power or do races where your long term power is decisive. Play to your strengths or train your weaknesses. You have a lot to work with.

It looks correct that you are in B. You need huge sprinting power for most Zwift races.

I’m even more unlucky - I am pace group A. :scream:

I have no chance unless it is a 14% gradient. A graders with Lance Armstrong levels of FTP kill me.

Same here. Featherweight rider but excellent zFTP and have been classed as Cat A recently. Did also a Cat A Crit race after that and prior to the race I wasn’t sure if i can sustain that. But actually, it was the most fun and enjoyable race I did on Zwift. Never had that in Class C or B.

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