Zwift A category

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I have just been promoted to the A class, which I do not understand, since my 20 min power is 3.9 w/kg as shown in the picture.Furthermore can i see that many of my teammates actually have a better 20 minute power, why are they still B riders?

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Without seeing your zFTP and zMAP figures I can’t say with certainty but if Zwift thinks your recent 5 min effort of 5.17 is also your zMAP then you are over the Cat B limit of 5.1 for zMAP.

I notice you appear to bounce between Cat A and Cat B so probably right on the border of both.

With only 4 real categories the problem is always going to be (on power based categories and this could be the same on race results categories if there are only four ?) that one category for you might be too easy and then the next category up may just be a little too difficult.

Clearly Cat B is too easy for you - 7 wins and 2x thirds in your last 9 Cat B races but Cat A just isn’t producing the same podium results.

I’m just hoping that when Zwift introduce Race Score categories they might consider slightly more than 4 categories and/or consider moving category boundaries based on splitting the total number of entrants across the optimum number of Pens.

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Go to and look at your profile. Take the zFTP and zMAP values and divide by your weight. Compare to the category limits on this page:

IRL guys with +330W @ 20min and +950W @ 15’’ are beasts that would destroy 90% of the people.
In Zwift they are still Cat B. Makes no sense.
In the table above I can see 4 guys with that type of power.
Can´t wait for a good racing score system to hit the ground.

it will be your zmap value taking you into A cat, your last race you did 5.3wkg for 5 minutes

5min (well, zmap, which is zwifts method of guessing your 6min power but that’s usually only a few watts lower than your 5min). i don’t think 20 min counts much at all anymore