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I am a rider with 20 minute power of 2.58 w/kg. How is it possible that I am C where I should be D. I thought you are only C when above 2.62 w/kg. Can anyone explain this?

Category enforcement does not use a single 20min effort to determine category anymore.

It is more like a CP calculation that uses multiple efforts (both short and longer) to calculate a zFTP. Your zMAP and zFTP are what will put you into your category.

On your activity feed on the zwift.com site you can see a “fitness” tab that will show your best efforts on Zwift if you want to share those you can and we can see why you were upgraded.

Edit: It’s described here: Pace Group Category Enforcement (zwift.com)

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Thanks for your reply Aaron, my 15 min power is 2,66 w/kg, my 20 min power 2,58 w/kg and 30 min power is 2,55 w/kg

What’s your zFTP & zMAP (5-6min) numbers? They are what decide your category.

Right, if you go to the zwift.com activity feed and paste the info from the fitness tab it would give a bit more info (including the zMAP and zFTP info). It should look something like this:

You apparently haven’t done a 12minute+ ride since sometime last year?

Yes I did many

Zwift uses a power curve to calculate your zMAP and zFTP. IMO The issue is that your 3 minute power is higher than the other points on your curve. As such your zMAP is taken from around 3min 45 seconds and your zFTP is calculated as 229w which is actually your 15 minute power as opposed to a more normal 35-40 minute power.

Both these figures 288w and 229w, when divided by your average weight, are above the zMAP and zFTP C Category limits.

Welcome (back) to Cat C :+1:

I don’t understand why it’s using datapoints from October and earlier in 2023?

Thanks for your explanation

I think you will find 10-12-2023 is 10th December 2023, less than 90 days ago.

Ha! It’s using a sensible date format (DDMMYYYY, not MMDDYYYY) :joy:

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Doh! 8 chars

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