Zwift races

Can anyone briefly explain race cats to me?. Im C cat but last Thurs and tonight raced over 37 mins at 3.4w/kg? Not angling to be B as I know i can enter those but understood B to be 3.2+


Here’s the detail on how pace groups are calculated for the purpose of category enforcement. Note it’s using your zFTP, and zMAP that you should see to the right of your activity feed on These are based on any effort in Zwift, not just races:

Pace Group Category Enforcement (

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Thanks…seems my zmap is too low to be shunted to B😃. Happy days

Unfortunately the documentation is not correct. If either your zMAP or zFTP reaches the threshold (assuming you are above the Watt floor) you will be upgraded. This was confirmed recently by Zwift staff.

Personally when I get back to B I will not enjoy having my doors blown off, but I will never let that hold me back once I’m in a race. I recommend an attitude of “game on” and the devil take the hindmost.


Oh ha, I thought they said they were gonna fix that. Yeah, it’s either, does not need to be both.

So, my w/kg of 3.4 in 2 races should =B? Zwiftpower says C but assuming a lag in updating? Maybe 1 last hurrah in C beckons

No that’s not how it works. Look at your PRs on See the zFTP and zMAP values. Calculate your weight as the average of the weights from the PRs you set in the last 90 days. Use that to divide the zFTP and zMAP values. That’s what they use to figure out where you land on the category threshold table. A single race or any ride will do it if you get there. Never manipulate your weight on free rides or you’ll get there faster. (Or just race and don’t think about it if you prefer.)

By the way if you compare the numbers on your ZwiftPower profile to mine, you’ll see that you have some headroom still in C. Still as a lighter rider it’s much easier for you to get upgraded.

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Cheers :+1: