Changed to CAT B for no reason

I’ve been a CAT C for years. No reason to change to CAT B based on my stats but yesterday I was forced in to CAT B min category. Finished 2nd to last. Max in any race full gas is 3.2wpkg. Average prob 3 wpkg. FTP 371 but 19 stone.

Rather annoying. Anyone?

Imagine how the.person who finished last feels. :sleepy:

maybe a shorter 90 day effort pr expired, that can force your “zftp” up because it messes with the estimate.

if you go into the “more info” page next to your fitness PRs on your zwift feed and skim through the faq, there is a list of 4 intervals zwift recommends you test for. you can read the rest of it if you want but find those and do a max effort for each of them and see where that puts you. if you’re still a B after that then it’s because zwift considers you a B. that’s just how it goes brother

it’s counter intuitive but having submaximal efforts can result in your zftp estimate being higher than it should be, but that’s basically how it works

Take a look at your profile PRs for different time intervals on Are any of them recent? If so that could be the reason. If not, perhaps something expiring could have affected your category, but that would only happen if you are quite close to the category boundary anyway. If you want to post a screenshot of that data here you can get more feedback on what’s going on. Every ride in the game counts for that profile data, which means any weight adjustment, even in free rides, can affect race category.

Did your zMAP increase recently? Any recent 4-6 minute PR?

The new classification is based on both FTP and MAP, so if you’ve got good 5 min power, you might get bumped. Good luck hanging on - same thing happened to me.

5 mins power 5.62wpkg which is a real surprise. I just don’t think I’ll can cycle for 5 mins at that and that’s at 410w which I can do but based on 120.6kg is 3.4wpkg…so 5.62 is just wrong. I have never maintained anything near 5.62 for 5 mins.

20 mins is 3.22 wpkg.

Frustrating it’s banning me from cat enforced races and I feel like I’m a cat cheat if I go for cat c where it’s not enforced.

I’ll see if it adjusts back over time.


Is there any chance anybody else in the house shares your account, changed to their weight and forgot to change back. That only really comes in to play if you then set your new 5 min max of 410w at that wrong lighter weight.

If so it could be there for 90 days.

On your profile go through all the watts for each time interval and divide by the w/kg figure. The figure should come out around 120 for each. If they come out around 78 you may have set those ones at the wrong weight.

If so you possibly have two options:
Ask Zwift Support to correct it
Make sure you are cycling at your weight and go out and beat each of those PBs by at least 1w and that should correct the problem I’m sure the motivation will be there to beat those PBs.

Best of luck.

You can email to talk about fixing it. Most likely there was a ride with a lowered weight that caused this. If you look at the 5 minute PR and divide the Watts by the W/kg that will tell you the weight that Zwift thinks you were at the time of the PR. If that’s not something around 120kg then that’s the answer.