C to B to C again!

Hey everyone.

I worked hard to get up to B cat. I entered a B race the next day and finished 28/71 pushing B numbers ( It was bloody hard).
The next day I’m back down to C !

Any ideas why ?

Thanks in advance

It is likely to be down to your small fluctuations in weight, as you are right on the edge of the category.

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But he needs to hit some 90 days PB’s for system to take account of new weight? Or was something changed?

There are PRs in line with weight increases.

I haven’t changed anything. My weight had been constant for the past few months. :man_shrugging:t2:

That isn’t accurate I’m afraid. It’s changed 2kg in the last 90 days.

Ahh yes I did change it. I get weighed frequently and try to keep it accurate. I thought it was longer than that though.
Ok well thanks for the reply and info and I’ll keep on pushing :+1:t2:

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You’re literally only 1w away.

I’d encourage you to enter races in B, which will push you harder and I’m sure you’ll have that B next to your name in no time :slight_smile:


It’s really refreshing to see someone excited to move up a category.

So many posts from folks wondering what they can do drop back and stay at the top of their last cat after being promoted (wondering if they have to wait 90 days, monitor power moving forward, increase their weight, try a new 3 min PB power to reduce their zFTP etc.) rather than make progress.

If you’re able to hit 28/71 in a B race it sounds like you don’t need Zwift to tell you that B is right for you, I’d say keep racing B if you can keep with them regardless of what Zwift says, I bet you’ll see a B auto-categorization show up again pretty soon :slight_smile:


Thanks Aaron :+1:t2: I used to race on the road about 25 years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and all you wanted to do was move up cats. Seems a bit different in the Zwift world.