C almost B

Hi Guys,

Apparently I am on the threshold of upgrading from C to B (although I don’t necessarily feel I’m ready haha), and Zwiftpower has given me a WKG on my last race for going over the limits of both w/kg and power. Now my category is “C almost B”. Should I carry on racing in C until it tells me to upgrade? I don’t really like DQ’s but I am just starting to feel like I can just keep up in the C’s.

I think a big problem I have is that I am 58 kgs and it feels like I am at a slight disadvantage using w/kg to judge my ability. Not sure if that’s a legitimate point though.

Should I keep on in the C’s and wait for Zwiftpower to say I’m a B, or just suck it up and race in the B’s?

Thanks everyone!

Just keep racing and having fun. Let the upgrade take care of itself. One thing though is at 58kg your w/kg is probably higher in relation to your pure 20 min power so pick your races accordingly and when on the flats draft, draft, draft.