Recently upgraded to B but now C?

Hi there,

Thought this was odd and unexpected to be dropped back into C so quickly after being promoted.

After completing a tour of Watopia ride a few weeks back I got promoted to B. I’ve since completed a few cat B races and generally speaking been in the top half but now it’s saying I’m cat C. Just seems odd as my stats suggest I should be in B (e.g 20mins 3.6w/kg). Any ideas?

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Your zFTP is probably very close to the C/B line of 3.36 w/kg. While racing B, your short duration power in the 3-5 min range could have gone higher which can actually lower your zFTP (it’s counter-intuitive, it’s just the way the calculation works).

If you are placing in the top half of B, just keep racing there and you’ll keep getting stronger and likely get your minimum set back to B.


Thanks for the explanation @Arend_teRaa that’s really helpful

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You’re the first person I’ve ever seen here wondering why they got demoted. I appreciate that :slight_smile: