I finished 3rd in a B cat race and got downgraded to C cat the next day

Yesterday I was looking at my zFTP and zMAP and noticed my zFTP was down to 257W (3.2125W/kg), well below the 3.36W/kg for B cat and my zMAP was 337W (4.2125W/kg) just above the 4.2W/kg for B cat. In fact, if my zMAP was 2 Watts less (or I was 1kg heavier) Zwift CE would put me in C cat.

Anyway, I did Stage 1 of the Crit Club monthly race series and managed a 3rd place. Sure, only 14 starters were in B cat but a 3rd is a 3rd and I’ll take that little brown cup thank you very much. For the record I managed 280W for 20 minutes in that race which would be an FTP of 3.325W/kg in the old 95% of 20 minute power ZP system.

Then today, a race I did at the start of March where I managed 343W for 5 minutes must have just fallen outside the 60 days limit because my zMAP has dropped those 2 Watts and is now 335W (4.1875W/kg) and Zwift has put me into C cat.

Just thought it was funny how you can finish on the podium in B cat one day and then be demoted to C cat the next.

Results based rankings when?

Wait, I thought people were only supposed to post about these things when the system kicked them up? :wink: