Stuck between B and C rating

I’ve been a good C racer for a couple of years, but have improved to the point where in some shorter (15-20 mile) races I’ve been able to compete in the B cat. However, this now means I CAN’T enter any longer races as for anything over 20-30 minutes I just can’t keep an average over 3.2 wkg, and if I enter as a C cat I get UPG on ZwiftPower.

what’s your weight?

About 75kg most of the time.

Zwift Power (ZP) uses 95% of you your peak 20 performance during a race to determine your Cat. now that you are one level up you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up.


That’s what I was afraid of, but fair enough!

Nothing to be afraid of, Next year you race as an A cat. :slight_smile:

ZP use your best 90 days, so if you do the longer races and you do indeed perform worse you will be moved down to C. but lets hope you don’t move down and improve your finishing positions in B.


Could be worse; you could be like me.

Got upgraded to B, changed from a Vortex to a Neo 2 and BOOM! Right back down into C. :smiley:


Yes, I have heard stories that the direct drive trainers like the Neo and Kickr are a more realistic performance indicator which affects your times. I believe the wheel-on trainers are a little flattering, but not nearly as much as the completely dumb trainers that have been Zwift-ified.

When i switched to Bs, it took me 2 months to get used to it.

Keep pushing! Ride on!

The good news is there’s plenty of us at the same level so you still get a good race - it’s just for 50th spot in B rather than placing in C. You do certainly improve doing it though.


Yeah. I just got upgraded to B; so I expect a few weeks of bringing up the rear, then being unceremoniously dumped back into C. :smiley: