I’m in wrong category

Hi zwift can you please put me in the D group I have no business being in the C group. I’d like to be able to compete. Thank you

Hey there, if you go to your feed on Zwift.com you should be able to see what data Zwift is using to calculate your categories in the “Fitness” section, and which day you set your PBs for each. Do those numbers look correct?

Compete or Podium?


Yeah they do. However my PB for 20 min is 2.6 watts per kilogram. I get being in the C group if I averaged that often and my PB was 3.0. However I did that once. I’m usually around 2.2-2.4 watts per kilo. I should be in the D group.

I suspect you have been promoted due to the new zMAP tweak, > 3.2W/Kg is now C

I’m not going to lie that’s a little creepy. I podium a lot because I race in flat races because I’m a sprinter. It’s what is fun for me. Put in a decent climb and then I’m dropped.

I agree my zmap is 317. That’s only 5 min power though. :man_shrugging:t3:

You are a brave man to ask what you want! I salute you!

My zMAP is currently 286 and I get regular podiums in C. I pretty much always finish with the leaders and then do a garbage sprint. (Though I am a medium mass rider and I avoid totally flat routes and short races.) I think you’ll probably be fine in C, but feel free to post the PRs on your my.zwift.com profile if you want more advice. You may also need to race less frequently if you care about getting a result more than just working hard.

Just curious what’s your 20 min power?

I average much lower than my FTP wkg when I’m spending 95% of the race cruising round in the draft on flat courses too. :man_shrugging:t2:

The difference is I’m not trying to say that’s relevant in any way.


If you’re getting podiums all the time in D, then it seems reasonable to race in C. When rank based categorizations show up you should not be able to get that many podiums without going up a category to begin with.

But I do understand that being bottom of a cat sucks. Which is why I think Zwift should not stick to static w/kg categorization boundaries.

Personally, I’ve never gotten a single podium in the 100+ races I’ve done (I’m not much of a sprinter), and I don’t feel like I’m in the wrong category overall. Someone has to be bottom of the cat in the current model.

:joy:. Unfortunately sprinter’s strategies don’t increase your ftp. Which mine is at my personal best 2.5. Which means I should be in the d group.

I have a radical thought for you:

You’re not a sprinter. You’re an all-rounder who hasn’t trained his aerobic engine very well yet.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but your wkg 15 second power is lower than mine, and I’m really not a sprinter. I can barely break 1000 watts for a second or two.

258 20min currently, zFTP 246. I regularly race against brutes with 300+ zFTP but they don’t always beat me, because I race when and where I can get a result, and I draft pretty well, avoiding impulsive moves. Also keep in mind that if my zFTP were 3% better I would be in B and my results would be much worse. That’s the result of the arbitrary category system. For every person near the top of D, there’s someone else who could be claiming that they should be in a category below D. If Zwift took results into consideration, you and I would have been upgraded sooner. That’s currently under development, and it will probably erase everyone’s expectation of regular podiums in B-D cats.

That’s not harsh I’m the one complaining. Yeah I have several races with over 1000 watts for 15 sec which is not great. How ever timing double sprinting all the strategies that go into it is what is so fun. I just liked it better when zwift took 95% of your three best 20 min power to determine your category.

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I told this to David. Maybe I’m wrong but I liked it more when zwift took 95% of your three best 20 min power to determine your category. Seems more logical to me than using 5 min power.

You Zwift Category is a lot more than that. See this it has not been updated but it should give you some idea.

You’re wrong. But it’s OK :hugs:

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James your popularity ended in the 90’s

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