False category


Sorry for my Bad english

I use to doing race in category D that my level

I am about 190 watts but since yesterday i cant do race any more in that category but in C or more

I don t understand why because in all thé races im not in the best zwifter who are more than 200watts

I try to find an explanation. Inl th Help of Zwift
but no solutions
Have you an idea about that ?

Thanks a lot

It means you exceeded the W/kg threshold for C category, which is 2.63W/kg for zFTP, or 3.2W/kg for zMAP. You can find the data for this on the right side of your feed on the Zwift website (https://my.zwift.com/)

The category boundaries are described on this page:


Thanks Paul

I looked my data

Zftp =190


It will be more intelligent to classify in relation with
Thé result of thé races

May be im gonna increase my weight or not register while 90 days in view to Come back to D instead of C

Otherwise i will never win a race😄

Very true that results should matter. They’ve done some work on that but we don’t know if or when that might happen.

Changing your weight probably won’t downgrade you but it might result in being disqualified.

I believe you don’t need to do anything re your weight. Your zFTP and zMAP are too similar. Your race average was 192w and that took you to a zFTP of 190 and cat C.

I think you are a racer who rides an even pace/power and doesn’t really push your short term (4-6 minute) power. As such your race category power curve is too flat.

Try putting out a maximum 5 or 6 minute effort at, hopefully, around 225w.

There is a chance that will raise your zMAP but reduce your zFTP and possibly take you back to category D honestly.


Thanks Ian

I ll try your solution

Hi @Franck_junior welcome to Forums. thanks for share your concern with us. It’s Juan from Zwift.

In addition to the excellent suggestions our community members have given you. I would like to share with you best practices for keeping your category accurate.

→The more activities you do with regular maximum effort, the more accurate the values will be.
→Do not forget to keep your trainer firmware updated and calibrated to get accurate power readings
→Set correctly your height and weight, please avoid constant changes.
→Avoid sharing your account with someone else.

Ride On.

Bonjour Juan L

Avant de vous répondre j ai d’abord fait 2 courses en catégorie C pour tester et ma conclusion
est la même : je n ai absolument pas le niveau pour courir dans cette catégorie

je le prouve :
3 dernières courses en catégorie D de plus de 15 KMS
19 KMS =12 sur 27 à 1m 41s du 1er
15,7 KMS = 13 sur 52 à 2m 11s du 1er
25 KMS = 95 / 266 à 4 m 47 s du 1er

Donc je suis bien loin des meilleurs de cette catégorie

Cet après midi j ai testé 2 tiny race en C et j ai fini 2 fois dernier / impossible de suivre le rhyhme dès le départ
Pouvez vous me dire quel est l’intérêt ?

je pense que vos algorithmes sont mauvais ou pas adaptés
Les courses de vélo ce n’est pas du judo, le classement UCI d’un
cycliste n est pas par rapport à son poids vitesse.

De plus ayant payé un abonnement je ne comprends pas comment on peut de façon arbitraire m’imposer une catégorie et de ce fait m’interdire
de disputer une course qui correspond pourtant à mon niveau réel , en sachant qu il y a très peu de course libre et de toute façon personne ne s’y 'inscrit

En conclusion vos conseils ne me servent à rien , ce que je veux c’est pourvoir disputer des courses de
mon niveau en CATEGORIE D et m’entrainer comme j en ai envie.

riDe on

If you post screenshots of your power data from your Zwift feed, I might be able to give you more advice about whether you have been categorized incorrectly. As Ian mentioned, the difference between your 5 minute and 20 minute power is too small. This also results in having a higher zFTP value. Go set a 5 minute PR and zFTP will almost certainly go down. It’s possible that could move you to D. Do a ride where you warm up and then ride 5 minutes as hard as you can.

Here’s an example of the data that would be needed if you want more precise feedback:

  • Puissance de pointe

5 sec335 w4.79 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:49:22

  • 15 sec318 w4.54 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:49:22

  • 30 sec260 w3.71 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 1 min236 w3.37 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 3 min213 w3.04 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 5 min207 w2.94 w/kg

  • 17/04/2024 12:53:40

  • 12 min203 w2.9 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 15 min200 w2.86 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 20 min199 w2.84 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 30 min193 w2.76 w/kg

  • 12/04/2024 12:43:39

  • 40 min174 w2.49 w/kg

  • 28/02/2024 12:52:52

OK this shows that your zFTP is 2.7W/kg. The limit for D category is 2.63W/kg. So your zFTP would need to be 5W lower to to go back to D. Since you have a very small difference between 5min and 20min power, this confirms the advice that Ian and I gave you. Do a 5 min max effort and then check what happens to your zFTP. There is a possibility this may change your category.


thanks Paul

how do you calcul ztfp at 2,7 w/kg ?
is it an average of all the data time + w/fg?


A little over a year ago, Zwift said they calculate your weight as the average of what you weighed when you set your 3, 5, 12, and 20 minute PRs. I assume this is still true, but that is just an assumption. However your weight is stable across all your PRs, so in your case I’m pretty sure they think you were about 70kg at the time of your PRs.

For each of those PRs, I divide the Watts by the W/kg numbers you provided, and take the average of those weights, then I use that value to divide your zFTP and zMAP numbers to see how it compares to the Category Enforcement boundaries (linked above in this thread).