Race category v zwift category

I think I must be missing something obvious as I can’t find anything on this already being asked / covered

In zwift races the b category is above 3.2 w/kg but on zwift category on the website it says ≥3.36W/kg and ≥200W

I’ve just been moved to b with 233w for 71kg which is 3.28. my zmap is way off at 259w

If you feel like sharing the PR data from your Zwift profile on my.zwift.com you might get better advice about what happened or why you got upgraded.

The zFTP threshold is in fact 3.36W/kg.

Here is a recent investigation of an upgrade for reference:

As Paul suggests seeing your Fitness Metrics and Peak Power figures will help explain.

You are using your ZwiftPower current weight of 71kg but you will have set some of your best Peak Power figures at a weight of 69kg. The calculation uses an average of your weight at the time you set some of the Peak Power figures.

Your race on 10th September included your recent best 6min to 11min power. This race dropped out of your 90 day window this past week. Losing good 6-11 minute ( possibly 6-8 minute) Peak Power figures will have increased your zFTP by 1-2 watts and that’s all that was needed to possibly/probably take you over 3.36w/kg and into B cat.

CE calculation works on maximum efforts. IMO You need to re-set your 6-8 minute Peak Power figures by putting in a max 6 minute effort (@260w), fully recover and then put in a max 8 minute effort (@255w). Doesn’t have to be in a race and can be done over two days if that helps.

Thanks. I thought it may be something to do with 90 days as I hadn’t done anything for a week or so, but moved up. It still says my zftp is 233. Weird that losing a good short.term effort can increase my FTP score, you would think better scores means better FTP, but it seems.more complicated than I realise

Also, why when you enter races does it say 3.2 but zwift categorises it at 3.36,?

There’s even a PR at 65kg dragging the weight down a little more.

Only Zwift can answer that one. It’s not accurate information, and any zFTP related number they put there does not capture the complexity of CE which includes zMAP and Watt floors. They would have to replace it with something that says “read the FAQ”.

I’ve never had my weight at 65, only 69 for ages and ages and then recently moved up to 71

Hmm maybe I transposed a digit somewhere. Anyway the advice from Ian about what to do is the solution.

Ok, cool. Thanks everyone for your replies. I think, as you say I just need to get on with it rather than worrying about the algorithm or whatever is behind it!

Many of the other datapoiints in your profile suggest your in-game weight was (at least when it was recorded?) 69kg. So this could be part of what’s going on as well.

Just to update on this - following advice above I did a hard 6 minute effort and have been put back to C. I still don’t really understand, but the advice provided did rectify my profile


Your 90days reset, I am in the same boat, I had one good effort back on Sept 25 and it put me into B from C. My 90days expires in a couple days. so looking forward to that