Category Enforcement Related Issue

Due to some faulty equipment setup my category has been bumped to a level which I am not at. I have been promoted to category A where as I belong to category C or Category D based on my FTP which is 156. Please help me sort this out so that I can participate in races in correct categories.

Any help or quick response will be much appreciated.

Please ensure your trainer is calibrated correctly and contact

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I am a B grade racer in Zwiftpower but I am being locked out of everything except A grade in Cat enforced races. Any ideas as to why?

ZwiftPower looks at 95% of your best 3 ZP efforts, but Category Enforcement looks at multiple points along your power curve using all activity in Zwift (not just races) to decide what category you are in. You can get more insight into your numbers on your profile page on, there you will see what your best efforts are and your zFTP.

It’s a bit confusing, but ZwiftPower category can be different than Category Enforcement category as a result.

Edit: Category Enforcement only needs one A level effort to categorize someone as A, which is also different than Zwift Power.