Category Enforcement upranking after event registration

Does anybody know what’s happening if one is already registered for an event with CE in a Cat. C, but is upranked to Cat. B before the event takes place? Will the registration be cancelled or are you automatically transferred to the Cat. B?

I’m pretty sure you will still be able to start the cat C race, but your fellow racers will prefer that you race in your proper category. If it’s a community event (not an event series managed by Zwift HQ) you may also be disqualified after the race if you’re not in the correct category.

Certainly seems possible looking at the Tiny Races ran on Saturday 8th, some got zMAP promotions after the first race, but were able to carry join races 2/3/4… Including the rider who won all four D races in Z1 (0900 BST quartet).

That’s not right IMO, if you get a pen promotion, all previous signups to the pen you’ve just been excluded from should be voided.

You’ll still be entered into C.

The categorisation is done at the point you register for the event, not when the event starts.

I"ll have to remember this. I seem to be flip-flopping btwn B and C every other ride at the moment. :smile:

Yeah, when I think I’m on the verge of being promoted, I must remember to sign up to all races I might fancy joining over the next 7 days… Just in case, so I can increase the odds of a good result and completely wreck the race for legit pen riders! :rofl: :thinking: :grimacing:

Well, you can do that if you want, Steve. :blush::smile: