Enforced Category : Cat C rider can only ride in Cat A

Due a rogue entry on one race one of our riders is unable to join Cat C races even though he now sits as C in Zwiftpower ZwiftPower - David Currie (TUZ)](hxxx://zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=4611952)

As events organiser i was able to list the rogue event as ERROR as instructed by Zwift Support. This did bring his cat down to C but he is still prevented from entering anything but Cat A events.

Kudos to the guy he enters Cat A every week in the hope he’ll be readjusted. Rider would sit mid table in Cat C on our events

He needs to email zwift support and get it removed I think rather than yourself

yip he tried that… was advised to contact the race organsier (me) to assist… 4 races in cat A as a C isn’t nice.

I think there are two things in play here:

ZwiftPower - which you have been able to correct via the ERROR you have assigned to his race.

Category Enforcement - I assume his race is still counting in his CE category calculation and I’m fairly sure you can do nothing about that as the Race Organiser. I think he/you will need to go back to Zwift Support and outline that you have corrected ZP but that you need them to correct the CE entry.

In the meantime if he is racing for fun he is still a ZP cat C and can race cat C races in those events governed by ZP categories. It looks however like your TUZ races are CE where he is an A cat until you sort out that one race power issue with Zwift Support.

EDIT - If and when you get through to Zwift Support you may wish to ask them to also look at activity on 12th Oct where his power curve looks wrong and higher than past performances. The ride on 12th took him up to CE cat B which I believe was the category he rode in on the ERROR ride of 19th Oct.

Cheers thanks for that Ian