New Zwifter.. UPG shown on result?

Sorry if this is a daft question but I only joined Zwift on Friday and immediately entered the 3 day Haute Route. I joined the D group and each day have given it my best. I’m shattered now but looking at my second race results for it is showing UPG against my result. Have I done something wrong? Many Thanks,

Hi @Tom_Willis Awesome to throw yourself into those events from day 1!!!

It looks like your first event you were putting out Cat C power but Zwiftpower gives you a 0.1w/kg tolerance which you didnt exceed so you didnt get DQ’ed from that event.

The next event you again entered Cat D but because you had history, Zwiftpower thinks you should have entered Cat C because of your first event result.

Now that you have 3 events under your belt, you are “Cat D almost C” as your overall 3 fastest events are just under the Cat C threshold (2.41 w/kg).


I think you hit an anomaly in Zwiftpower to be honest. If you had, say, 10 Cat D events/performances under your belt then you would not have got the UPG. So, no, you have done nothing wrong at all.

You probably have grounds to ask to reset that race result for you but it will take a while and they may not say yes.


@Dean Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated. I guess I’m not far away from Group C then, which I’m really pleased but surprised by!
I’ll keep training and if I get faster then all good!

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