No results after completion?

I finished the Rapha Rising challenge earlier today in the C group, but for stage 3 it shows “WKG” instead of “C”, not sure what that means?
Also, I don’t show up in the finishers list on Zwiftpower for the C group for stage 3. I did experience a few dropouts during the course, but I got the Zwift ride complete to display after crossing the finish line. I continued to ride to teh summit and back down to the bottom after finishing LaReine.
Can this be corrected somehow so I can see how I performed on Zwiftpower please? Thanks,
Tim Schaefer
screen name “T.Schweaty”


WKG is a DQ for exceeding category power limits by more than the 0.1 w/kg allowed. Cat C 20min limit is 3.2 w/kg and your 20min was 3.5.

Congrats on the bump to Cat B

I’m not exactly sure what the abbreviations mean.
DQ means Dairy Queen where I grew up, assuming that is not correct.
I’ve never raced and I’ve only been on Zwift for ~12 months.
I didn’t feel so great on Day 2, so I got a good nights sleep, ate oatmeal with honey and a banana for breakfast, and actually stretched and warmed up before the start. Then I spent the entire ride trying to keep up with the guys who were passing me. I was wiped out at the finish line.
But I also don’t see my name in the B list either.
Do they automatically put you there as you improve and get in better shape?
Or do I have to do the B rides from now on?

Up until that event, you looked to be a genuine Cat C but as you exceeded the Cat C thresholds byy quite a bit, you not only got a disqualification (DQ) but you got bumped up a Cat as 95% of your 3 best results in the past 90 days took over the Cat C limits (just).

Bit of a FAQ on ZP to have a nosey at - feel free to ask questions here - racing results etc can be a bit challenging to understand initially.

Those bigger events are hard not to do good performances if you have a competitive streak - I started the Stage 1 as a Zone 2 ride - even started at the back and got caught up in the hype.

To find yourself in the event, check out the Filtered list - if you click on your result under your profile you will get the list of riders that completed without a DQ - click on Filtered up the top left


… and scroll down and you will find yourself there in the Cat C bunch.

For ZP based races (which is around 40% of race events), you will be B for at least the next few months and longer if your continue to perform well. Keep checking ZP after you do events/races and keep an eye on your top 3 numbers. 95% of the 20min times from your top 3 performances in the past 90 days determines your Cat.

For Category Enforcement (CE) races, you will need to check your The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App profile as that Cat info is not public.

Apologies for the long post.


First, don’t apologize for the long post, that was really excellent and great info. Cudos! :+1:
That all makes sense now, for once I finally had a really good day on the trainer. I’ve logged over 1,200 miles thus far in 2023, thus far the start of my best year ever (I didn’t start road biking until about age 40). Maybe those miles have begun to pay off. :slightly_smiling_face:

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