Today's 111-strongman event

I got an UPG code on today’s event as a ZP cat B rider. I suppose this is because I entered the event in cat C, but when I entered the event via Zwift Companion it showed cat A as 5-6, B as 4-5 and cat C as 3.2-3.9 so I chose cat C. What’s going on? Event ID… .php?zid=1875065

Incorrectly configured event. Probably best to discuss with event organiser but no harm emailing to see if they can correct.

Lots of people got UPG’s!

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And nothing happen when u write to zwiftpower. Have had the same problem a few weeks ago and write to zwift…just talking…no solutions…sticky…we miss u!
You helped where ever problems needed to find a solution. Since zwift got ZP…wrong results which nobody wants to make it right. You can write several times to zwift…sticky was the best. Fair, sportsman and helpfull.


Yeah, sent them a mail. We’ll see.

I wrote many emails…no result.

FYI I got this response which solves it for me, but I suppose the others are still UPG:

Thanks for reaching out to us!

After reviewing this event, while it does look like it was incorrectly configured on ZwiftPower, I wasn’t able to find any details to contact the event organizer, and we aren’t able to make any large-scale changes to the event at this time without first consulting the event organizer.

That being said, because I can see that your results do fall into the requirements for the category you selected, I’ve gone ahead and manually reinstated your results for this event. Please allow up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect.

If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know.

Ride On.

Thanks for the update @Robrecht_van_Loo - good result.

What is with the results in the past? Also the problem…are u correct it too?


Not sure what you mean? I wrote to the zwiftpower e-mail as suggested and as they didn’t find any contact details for the organizer they manually corrected just my result as it was within parameters for the category.