Zwiftpower result - "UPG" incorrect

I did the “Ratones o Leones ?” ZESP Resistecia “race” yesterday. My result got an UPG code incorrectly - the categories were distance categories and not power categories. (I entered D category for 75K event). Please can someone help to fix this please?
@James_Zwift ?

Seems like the event was set up wrong in Zwiftpower.

ZESP will need to fix this for you.

There’s an email address listed on their series page: ZwiftPower - Login

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Thank you James, I will try writing to them.

Yes…and it seems it’s not the first time, judging by past event results.

This event type was seemingly a race. Yes, each category had a different distance, but that doesn’t mean anything by itself – this isn’t unusual. There is also language that using ZP as a power source is not allowed and that HR monitors were req’d. The confusion I’m sure is because the ride description didn’t indicate the w/kg ranges for each category as well.

I’m quite sure each distance was not supposed to have a w/kg stipulation as well…as it wasnt really a race (if you read the description)…“are you a rat or lion”…ie go your chosen distance at your own pace.

Anyway, i wrote to ZESP and no reply so far.
Will avoid doing their events in future.

But thanks anyway, John for replying.

I wrote to the admin as suggested by James Bailey.

ZESP’s response:
Hola Samantha,
Lo he arreglado, disculpa el error.
Administrador de ZESP

So a good outcome - all fixed! :smiley::+1: Thanks James!

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In ZP, you are the only participant showing for the entire event?

Yes…I also wondered about that.
So :-1: no results were not fixed properly. :confused:
I’m just happy not to have a UPG.