Classification “¿Ratones O Leones?” ZESP Resistencia from sunday 17/10

I’ve raced last sunday the “¿Ratones O Leones?” ZESP Resistencia and chose the pen C, to race 100 Km.
Since I’m a Cat. B rider, the results are wrongly showing me an UPG. There are several other riders with the same “problem”.
Please correct the results and remove this UPG mark, since the categories in this race have nothing to do with the rider’s category, just the distance of the race.

Daniel Barroso

Zwiftpower event zid=2344542

Have you tried the race organiser? They have contact details in the event description. If no luck, hit up

edit: just noticed that 4 ZESP club members also got DQ’ed so I am be surprised that they havent fixed already.

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Thanks for your help, Dean.
Unfortunately, I can’t find any means of contacting ZESP about this. The links in the description don’t lead to any contacts.
I’ll give them some more time to eventually see this topic and fix the classification. There are, as you refer, some ZESP riders that also got UPG…

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Problem solved after contacting ZESP by e-mail.

Good to hear Daniel.