111 - Strongman racing series : wrong categories


There is a mistake on Zwift Power: when we had to register on the [111 - Strongman racing series] (Saturday 10 of April 15:00 Paris time)
On the companion app, A+ riders were supposed to register in cat A (because A+ and A where in 2 different cat), so then:
A riders => B
B riders => C
C riders => D
D riders => E

As you can see almost all riders (except A+) are “UPG” on ZwiftPower because as an A rider I register in the B cat as requested by Zwift (on companion). Can you correct this please?

Thanks !


Hi Pierre - nobody here can fix that (unless the Zwiftpower team are monitoring this, which they generally dont) so either contact the event organiser who may have tools to fix, or zwiftpower@zwift.com.

Hi Pierre - I was in the same race and had same issue. Disappointing to be DQ’d after 68km of hard racing! Will be emailing zwift power per Dean’s advice.